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Leadership Speaker Series

Email us at if you have a suggestion for a speaker, want to receive more information about an upcoming event or want to be added to our email list.

2014-2015 events

December 3, 2014 Health Care Reform #whats next

March 5, 2015 Inside the Industry: Preventive Health

April 28, 2015 "The Contribution of the Health Care System to Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Access to Care" presented by Nadereh Pourat

March 26, 2015 Frank Alvarez Professor for a Day

2015-2016 events

October 16, 2015 Bite Size - Film Screening

March 3, 2016 Ted Estrada Professor for a Day

March 3, 2016 Jeffery Flocken Professor for a Day

April 7, 2016 Rich Cordova Essential Skills for Emerging Leaders in Healthcare

April 21, 2016 Jim Slaggert Professor for a Day

2016-2017 and beyond

The students of the HHD 513 Leadership class will be inviting speakers from different disciplines to talk about Leadership. 

Events will be held during HHD 513 class time throughout the semester.

All HHD graduate students are welcome! The event is free but space is limited!

email for more information