College of HHD

  • students present a poster at the EOH Symposium
  • Nursing students in practice lab
  • csun students and school children enjoying fitness activity
  • CSUN TRENDS student fashion show
  • kinesiology students work on calculations at the whiteboard
  • students at commencement


Academic programs in the College of HHD undergo rigorous accreditation processes. Each program is responsible for adhering to the requirements of their respective accrediting bodies. The university is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Academic programs that are not associated with accrediting bodies go through program review. See the HHD Assessment & Program Review page.

Find out more about our accredited programs below:

Communication Disorders & Sciences

logo for CAA/SLP

Speech-Language Pathology, MS
Cycle: 2013-2021

Environmental & Occupational Health

logo for the national environmental health science and protection accreditation council

Environmental & Occupational Health, BS, MS
Cycle: 2013-2020

 Family & Consumer Sciences

logo for AAFCS

Family and Consumer Sciences, BS
Cycle: 2013-2023

logo for naeyc

The Child and Family Studies Center
Cycle: 2013-2019

logo for ACEND

Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD);
Cycle: 2009-2019
Dietetic Internship Program (DI)
Cycle: 2009-2019

logo for cidaInterior Design Program
Cycle: 2011-2017   

Health Sciences

CAHME logo

Health Administration, MSHA
Cycle: 2017-2020

logo for AUPHA

Health Administration, BS
Cycle: 2016-2022

logo for ceph

Public Health, BS, MPH
Cycle: 2011-2018

logo for JRCERT

Radiologic Sciences, BS
Cycle: 2010-2018


logo for CAATE

Athletic Training, BS
Cycle:  2017-2027


logo for ccne

Nursing, BSN
Cycle: 2014-2024 

Physical Therapy

logo for CAPTE

Physical Therapy, DPT
Cycle: 2015-2025

Recreation & Tourism Management

logo for NRPA

Tourism, Hospitality & Recreation Management, BS
Cycle: 2014-2021