Encino Woman’s Club Continues 25 Years of Scholarships

February 24, 2015

Continuing 25 straight years of scholarship support for California State University, Northridge students, the Encino Woman’s Club has given four more students the means to focus on school rather than loans or working an extra job.

With GPAs all over 3.25, these worthy students want nothing more than to succeed both in the classroom and in their careers that lie ahead.

“This scholarship helped me and fellow students pay a big part of our tuition and focus on the outcome (graduation) rather than how to get a student loan to pay for schooling,” said scholarship recipient Mahtab Moradnia, a mathematics major with a concentration in statistics who will graduate in December of this year.

Fellow recipient Sean Leverance, a mechanical engineering major who plans on graduating in 2014, voiced similar appreciation. “The scholarship will allow me to focus on my research project in the Experimental Mechanics Laboratory and on my senor design project—activities that will give me invaluable experience for my career in engineering,” said Leverance.

The scholarships were made possible by a $10,000 gift from the Encino Woman’s Club, continuing a partnership that has produced more than 100 scholarships for the best and brightest CSUN students during the last three decades.

Kori Bjorseth, a biochemistry major who plans on graduating in 2015, received the Mary Pritzlaff Scholarship, a distinct award named in honor of the club’s longtime member and welfare and philanthropy chair for the past three years. The scholarship was given on Pritzlaff’s 90th birthday in recognition of her hard work and commitment to providing scholarships for CSUN students. “The Encino Woman’s Club has a long-standing association with CSUN, and we are committed to help our local students and local university,” said Pritzlaff. “I am also deeply honored to have a scholarship given in my name!”

“I think philanthropic support, such as that from the Encino Woman’s Club, is so important because it shows that people outside the university care as well,” said Bjorseth. “Their generosity shows that there are benefits to taking school seriously and that people are going to recognize your dedication.”

Natalie Johnson, a mathematics major, also received a scholarship funded by the club this year.