Financial Systems

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Appropriate Fund Authorizations

FundDescriptionAuthorized Signature FormState Trust Account Form
100xxGeneral Support–DisbursementsYesNo
170xxCapital Outlay Fund-Minor CapYesNo
201xx Housing DBMERYes No 
202xx Parking DBMER Yes No 
204xx Campus Union DBMER Yes No 
221xx Housing Construction Yes No 
222xx Parking ConstructionYes No 
224xx NR Student Union Construction Yes No 
228xxAux Construction YesNo
268xxAux Construction YesNo
321xxHigher Ed Capital Bond Fund YesNo
401xxSuppl Education Opportunity Grants YesNo
403xxPerkins LoansYesNo
408xxPell Grant ProgramYesNo
409xxCollege Work Study Prog-Local Agency YesNo
410xxWilliam D Ford Direct Loan Program YesNo
411xxNational Science & Math Talent Grant YesNo
412xxFed Teacher Education Asst GrantYesNo
421xxState Education Opportunity Grant ProgramYesNo
422xxState University Grant ProgramYesNo
424xxCalifornia Grant Program YesNo
425xxMiddle Class ScholarshipYesNo
426xxDream LoanYesNo
431xxCampus Scholarships YesNo
433xxCampus Student Loan YesNo
434xxLong Term Student Loan  YesNo
435xxMisc. Financial Aid YesNo
436xxFinancial Aid Other Agency YesNo
441xxEXL YesNo
442xxEXL Construction YesNo
443xxEXL DBMR YesNo
444xxEXL College Partners NoYes
452xxHealth Facilities YesNo
453xxHealth Facilities ConstructionsYesNo
454xxHealth Facilities Maintenance and RepairYesNo
461xxAssociated StudentsNoYes
464xxStudy AbroadYesNo
465xxGrant ContractsNoYes
471xxParking Fines ForfeituresYesNo
472xxParking OperationsYesNo
473xxParking Construction-TrustYesNo
474xxParking DBMRYesNo
485SPService Provider FundsYesNo
485xxGeneral OperatingYesNo
4851x General Operating Financial Aid Yes No
4852x Campus Quality Fee Yes No 
4854xCost Recovery YesNo
491xx Special Projects No Yes 
496xx Other Trust No Yes 
531xx Housing Operations Yes No 
532xx Housing DBMR Yes No 
534xx Campus Union Operations Yes No 
535xx Campus Union Maint. Repair Yes No 
536xx Campus Union Construction Yes No 
539xx Auxiliary Org Capital ImprovementsNo Yes 
541xx Pooled Investment Fund No Yes 



Trust Funds for the California State University are authorized by the Education Code, Section 89721-89725.

401Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)Federal Grant to students of exceptional financial need.
403National Defense/Direct Student Loan (NDSL)A low interest loan to students with financial need.
408Pell Grant LoanA Federal Grant to undergraduate students who have a need for financial assistance.
409College Work/Study ProgramFunds received by Federal, State and/or local agencies which support employment of students.
410William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan ProgramA loan to enable a student or parent to pay the cost of the student’s attendance at a post secondary school.
423CSU Forgivable Loan/Doctoral Loan ProgramLow interest loan to women and minorities to complete doctoral programs in selected fields of student or particular intrat in relevance to CSU.
424CAL GRANT ProgramState Grant which provides educational assistance to California residents.
433Campus Student Loan TrustTo account for all Campus Student Loan funds.
441Continuing Education Revenue/Fund- Extended Continuing Education ExpenditureRevenue received from extension programs which is used for its support and development.
442Continuing Education Revenue Fund/Construction ExpendituresRevenue received from extension programs which is used for the construction of facilities for Extended Learning.
443Continuing Education Revenue Fund/Maintenance & EquipmentRevenue received from extension programs which is used for the maintenance, repair and equipment of facilities for Extended Learning.
451Facilities Revenue/Health Services ExpendituresFees collected for Health Services facilities which are used for the operation of the Campus Health Center. 
452Facilities Revenue/Health Facilities ExpenditureFees collected for Health facilities which are used for the maintenance of the Campus Health Center.
453Facilities Revenue Construction ExpenditureFees collected for Health facilities which are used forconstruction of the Campus Auxiliary facilities.
454Facilities Revenue Maintenance & Equipment ExpenditureFees collected for Health facilities which are used for the maintenance, repair and equipment of the Campus Auxiliary facilities.
463Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Trust Funds received from IRA fees collected from students, Associated Student contributions and other contributions for IRA activities revenue.
465Contracts and GrantsContracts and Grants associated with other state agencies, the public sector and the Federal Government.
471Parking Revenue Fund/Fines & Forfeitures ExpendituresMonies received for parking fines and forfeitures.
472Parking Revenue Fund/Fees ExpendituresParking fee revenues used for the operations of parking facilities.
473Parking Revenue Fund/Construction ExpendituresParking fee revenues used to finance construction of Campus parking facilities.
474Parking Revenue Fund/Maintenance & Equipment ExpendituresParking fee revenues used to finance maintenance, repair and equipment of Campus parking facilities.
481CSU Lottery Education Fund/Expenditure AccountMonies received by the CSU trustees from the California State Lottery Education Fund pursuant to Section 8880.5 of the Government Code.
491Special Projects Fund/Special ProjectsReceipts primarily from grants, revenues, and funds from any other sources for the purpose of financiing special projects such as research, workshops, conference, institutes and others.
496Other TrustFunds received that are not accounted separately in one of the other designated sub funds; usually will be received from contributions and deposits.
531Housing Revenue Fund/Housing Operations ExpenditureHousing fee revenue used for the operation of housing facilities.
532Housing Revenue Fund/ Maintenance & Equipment ExpenditureHousing fee revenue used to finance maintenance, repair and equipment of Campus housing.
534Campus Union Revenue Fund/Campus Operations ExpendituresCampus Union fee revenues used for the operation of Campus Union facilities.
535Campus Union Revenue Fund/Maintenance & RepairCampus Union fee revenue used to finance maintenance and repair of Campus Union facilities.
REV: 7/22/19