Middle Class Scholarship Awards

January 12, 2024

Middle-Class Scholarship awards are reviewed and disbursed after the spring 2024 semester’s add-drop period.  The spring preliminary award amounts are based on full-time enrollment status and once enrollment is confirmed, funds will be released. Students awarded MCS can expect funds to be delivered after March 5, 2024

Important:  There are several factors that can impact your MCS award amount. Check this link for more information on things that may affect your financial aid.  Your MCS can be affected by:

  • Change in Enrollment-Withdrawal from the University,
  • Receiving additional federal, state, institutional, or other financial aid,
  • Changes to income after you have been awarded 

Please visit our Middle-Class Scholarship 2.0 website for additional information on Middle-Class Scholarship, including important changes to this state aid program.