Bookstore Debit Card Loan

A $300 loan exclusively for purchasing books and supplies at the Matador Bookstore is available to all students, whether they are eligible for financial aid or not.


The Bookstore Debit Card Loan program is designed for students whose finances have temporarily been affected by unforeseen circumstances, or for those who have experienced a delay in the receipt of their financial aid funds. All students must demonstrate a means of repayment, such as financial aid proceeds or employment income.

Repayment: The full amount of the $300 loan and accompanying $10 processing fee must be repaid by the date specified on the application/promissory note you sign. If financial aid funds are disbursed while the loan is outstanding, your financial aid funds will immediately repay the loan.

Lender: CSUN

Activation: Students not eligible for traditional financial aid may apply for the bookstore loan if they are currently employed and fees are paid in full.

The application period runs from the week prior to the first day of classes to the third week of classes in the fall and spring terms. Funds are subject to availability. You must be enrolled and have undisbursed financial aid to cover registration fees and the bookstore loan, or be currently employed. You may only receive one loan per semester.


  • The loan amount is $300, accessible through a debit card, and is limited to purchasing books and supplies in the Matador Bookstore. There is a $10 service charge, which must be repaid. The card will not expire and is for exclusive use by the loan applicant.
  • You must be enrolled and have undisbursed financial aid sufficient to pay registration fees and the debit card loan, or be currently employed.
  • Failure to repay the loan will prevent you from registering for the following semester and from requesting an academic transcript.
  • If you are delinquent on any financial obligations to Northridge, a loan will not be approved until proof is submitted that your debts are cleared.
  • Students who have been late in repaying a prior Northridge short-term, emergency or bookstore loan are ineligible. This is indicated as a hold on your myNorthridge Portal.
  • Students who defaulted on prior or current fee installment plans are ineligible.
  • Bookstore loan applications are available at financial aid windows 1-3 in the Student Services Center on the first floor of Bayramian Hall.
  • Once your application is approved, proceed to University Cash Services 100R in Bayramian Hall.
  • Check with the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department for more information and additional eligibility requirements.