Financial Management

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Pay Warrant Distribution Procedure

Purpose: To safeguard pay warrants from being distributed to unauthorized persons and to guard against misappropriation of funds.

Definition: The pay warrant distribution procedure includes payroll distribution for all employees, including students, overtime and stipend pay warrants distributed mid-month as well as the monthly master payroll.

I.          Pre-Distribution

  1. Each department will have a current Department Designated Representative (DDR) Authorization Form on file with University Cash Services (UCS). An authorization form must be submitted to UCS prior to each fiscal year. If there is a change during the year, a new Department Designated Representative Authorization Form must be submitted to UCS at least 24 hours prior to the next pay warrant distribution. If none of the assigned DDR’s are able to pick up pay warrants, the department head must provide authorization on department letterhead for another individual to pick up.

  2. To minimize the possibility of fraud, it is essential that there be a separation of duties between those persons responsible for approving payroll transactions and those who pick up and distribute warrants (SUAM 3812.1). The department head will ensure that under no circumstances will a person authorized to certify attendance (MPC) or approve pay documents have custody of pay warrants at any time.

  3. Pay warrants are received by UCS from the State Controller’s Office (SCO).

  4. Pay warrants are grouped in the order in which they are received from the SCO which is in reporting unit number/department number order. This number is used to identify a department within the university. For example: reporting unit number 042 would be department number 10042.

  5. University Cash Services verifies each pay warrant (live checks are green and direct deposit advices are white) against payroll reports received from Payroll Services.

II.         Distribution

  1. For master payroll, the DDR will pick up the pay warrants from UCS located in Bayramian Hall (BH), Room 100R from 12 noon to 3:30PM each pay day (without exception). Pay warrants will not be available before 12 noon to help ensure that the pay warrant will not be presented to the State Treasurer’s Office (STO) prior to the issue date (SAM 8580.2). Any charges arising from an employee cashing his/her pay warrant before the check date will be the responsibility of that employee. Pay warrants distributed mid-month will be picked up from UCS located in Bayramian Hall (BH), Room 100R, from 10AM to 3:30PM (without exception).

  2. The DDR must present a CSUN photo identification card to pick up the pay warrants.

  3. The DDR will pick up pay warrants, sign and date the payment register. Any questions regarding the actual pay warrants received should be directed to Payroll Services.

  4. The DDR must ensure that pay warrants in their possession are secured at all times, in a locked drawer or cabinet. Only the DDR will have access to that locked drawer or cabinet.

  5. Pay warrants that are direct deposit advices (white) will not be returned to UCS and must be distributed to individual employees by the DDR.

  6. Pay warrants should be handed directly to each employee on payday. The DDR will have the employee sign for the pay warrant at the time of pickup. If an employee is not present, the DDR will be responsible for the employee completing a Pay Warrant Distribution Check Release Authorization, if applicable.

  7. Generally, pay warrants will not be mailed by UCS for employee convenience. However, they may be mailed by each department, with prior approval in cases such as illness, travel, or training with a completed Pay Warrant Distribution Check Release Authorization (SUAM 3812.6). Employees should be encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

  8. After 5 business days, if the DDR is unable to locate an employee, a live pay warrant (green) shall be returned to UCS along with a completed Undelivered Pay Warrants form. A copy will be kept by UCS (SUAM 3812.3).

  9. The DDR will be responsible for keeping a record of each month’s pay warrant receipt signatures or method of distribution, if the employee is not present.

If a pay warrant is missing, the DDR will notify UCS. If the pay warrant cannot be found, UCS will notify Payroll Services. Payroll Services will follow procedures for cancellation and/or reissuance.