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Welcome to the career planning page for the CSUN Department of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance.  [Under Construction]

Most students, when they are getting ready to leave school, think about what kind of job they will get. What they really need to think about is what kind of career they want. That is, what sequence of jobs will take you to where you want to be five or 10 years from now.

This webpage is designed to help you with your career planning. Start with a brief overview of career opportunities in finance. You can go to Financial Career Options for Professionals (an external site not affiliated with CSUN) for summaries about careers.

There are also a number of financial careers in government. You can find links to some government jobs for finance majors here.

In some fields it helps to have a special certification (such as the CFA). Here is our list of certification.

Are you thinking about a specific job or career but you're not sure what it’s really like? Consider an internship. It’s a great way to watch what professionals do up close and you can get college credit! Go to the Internship Office for more details.

Considering graduate school (maybe an MBA or a Masters in Finance)? Here is our guide.