Family Focus Resource Center

Parent Support Circles

Congratulations to First5 LA, Children's Institute, Inc. and all community partners for the successful completion of over 100 parent-led support groups in Los Angeles County!

Parent Support Circles of Los Angeles County (PSCLAC) was a county-wide initiative to improve support among parents of children up to age 5, particularly those in underserved communities.

PSCLAC was a 3 year program funded by First5LA which concluded in June 2016. The lead agency was Children’s Institute, Inc. For this project, Family Focus Resource Center served Los Angeles County’s San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys.

The goals of the project are:

  • increase social connections
  • reduce isolation
  • increase parenting knowledge
  • raise awareness and use of community resources

For this program, we:

  • trained peer support group leaders
  • established 24 peer-led Parent Support Groups in our District
  • partnered with local agencies to ensure sustainability

Over the three years of PSC, we have completed the following accomplishments:

Year 1 - completed 2 support groups

Year 2 - completed 8 support groups

Year 3 - completed 14 support groups

Update: At the closing of the grant cycle on June 30, 2016, Family Focus completed a total of 24 unique parent-led support groups in Los Angeles supervisorial districts 3 and 5!

This program is no longer active, but we continue to offer many support groups for parents of children with disabilities based on the principles of Parent Support Circles. For more information, please see our Calendar of Events or contact Victoria Berrey.