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Cultural Competency Training

Cultural Competency Training

Developed by CSUN Family Focus Resource Center with funding from North Los Angeles County Regional Center

About the Training

This training was developed to introduce the concepts of cultural competence and cultural humility for professionals in the social services. The intended audience is service providers, service coordinators, educators and other professionals.

 The components of the training include:

- Cultural Competency Training Guide 

- Cultural Competency Training - Presentation 

- Videos on our YouTube Channel  (          

                      Part 1: Cultural Competency & Cultural Humility         

                      Part 2: Understanding Your Own Attitudes & Bias         

                      Part 3: Cultural Competence Strategies

- Cultural Competence Self Assessment

- Cultural Competency Training Activities  

                        Activity 1 – Self Reflection

                        Activity 2 – Case Study 1

                        Activity 3 – Case Study 2

 - Handouts (Click the links below)


                      Gender Grammar

                      One Up One Down Assessment

                      Remain Curious Coloring Page

About the Presenters

Ivor Weiner, Ph.D.

Ivor Weiner is a professor in the Department of Special Education at Cal State University, Northridge. He is also the Director of the Family Focus Resource Center.  You may contact him at

Wendy Ashley, Ph.D.

Wendy Ashley is a professor in the Department of Social Work at Cal State University, Northridge. You may contact her at