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Booth Vendors

Interested in applying for a virtual vendor booth? 

A virtual vendor booth works a lot like a table at an in-person event. Guests can browse the list of vendor by name or by category. They can review your information and website (you upload the photos, videos and links you want to use). Then, they can click Enter Booth and can text chat or video chat with you, just like you are there in person. Click here to watch a video that shows you how a virtual event works from the Guest's perspective. Click here to watch a video to show you how it works from the Vendor or Booth Host's perspective. 

We have some Interest Meetings set up so vendors can find out how a virtual resource fair works, and 2 Technical Practice sessions to allow vendors to practice signing in and chatting with guests. The Zoom link will work for all meetings. 

Our rates for participating vendors are:

Sponsors:    $350 (includes booth, preferred placement at top of page, hourly announcements and short video, your logo included on our webpage)

Businesses:   $75.00

Nonprofit organizations:  $50

What do I need to set up my virtual booth? What equipment is needed?

You will need a computer running Chrome with a video camera and mic for each person who will be managing your booth. We recommend at least two people, and strongly encourage you to have staff who are bilingual Spanish speakers; other languages such as Armenian and Korean are also prevalent in our service area.

The info you need to create your virtual booth includes:

  • The name, email and contact phone info for the person who will be managing your booth (required)
  • Your organization name and address (required)
  • Your organizational description - up to 200 characters (required)
  • A link to your organization's website or other page or your organization's Facebook page, for example (required)
  • Your organization's logo or cover photo (800px x 480px) (required)
  • A link to a video to introduce guests to your organization, for example on YouTube or Vimeo (optional)
  • Up to 5 other photos and captions (optional)

Ready to apply?

Click here and click on 'Apply for a Booth'. You don't have to complete it all at one time. 

If you are new to Booth Central, create an account. 

Then log in and start your application. The person whose email address is used to fill out the application will be the primary contact and will be the person who signs in on the day of the event. 

We will review applications as they come in. Complete as much of your application as possible before submitting. Be sure to fill in the Category that you wish to be listed under. This will help attendees 'find' your booth. 

 Need help completing your application? Technical assistance is available from BoothCentral by clicking here at the bottom of the page:

Then you can use online chat or search the help pages: 

Do you have questions for us? Contact us by email at or call Theresa Quary at 818-374-9107. Thanks for your interest in our event, and we hope to hear from you soon!