Dr. Sheena Malhotra's Creative Publications


Special Consultant, Bollywood Crossings (2008 release).  A documentary by Tavishi Alagh on the the centrality of Bollywood to Indian diasporic notions of culture and identity.  A Drink with Jam and Bread Productions.

Associate Producer, The Shape of Water (2005). A documentary film by Kum-Kum Bhavnani on feminist organizations working towards change in global contexts. The documentary premiered at the International Santa Barbara Film Festival in February, 2006.

Director, Producer & Editor (2004).on a documentary video that was co-directed and co-edited with students. The film entitled, “ CSUN Struggles with Peace and Justice” is an account of the student and faculty activism on campus and premiered on campus on November 16, 2004. The film will be used in educational settings in the future.


Art Department Coordinator (2003) Coordinated the Art Department on an independent feature film, Admissions, with Production Designer, Aradhana Seth [Fire, Earth].  Worked on art department breakdowns, oversaw crew movements and worked on set.Brilliant Productions, Los Angeles, CA.

Prop Master  (2002) Worked in the Art Department on an independent feature film, Easy, (featured at the Sundance Film Festival, 2004)with Production Designer, Aradhana Seth [Fire, Earth].  Will receive on screen credit as Prop Master, but also worked on art department breakdowns, oversaw crew movements and worked on set.Over Easy Productions, Los Angeles, CA.

Commissioning Editor of Programmes, BiTV (June 1994 - July 1996).
One of three executives responsible for the entertainment programming of Business India Television, Intl. Ltd. (BiTV).  BiTV was one of  several new commercial television networks launched in India in the 1990s.  Worked on program development, (commissioning and handling programs), budgets, scheduling and foreign program buying for the network.

Executive Producer  (June 1994 - July 1996). On 14 programs for BiTV.   Two of the programs were nominated for 9 national television awards in India - November, 1995.

Director & Producer (March 1996). Music video, "Letter to a john" by Ani Difranco.   Uncommissioned.

Segment Producer (December 1995). For a New Year Eve's segment on the Indian National Network (DD1).

Representative (October 1994). For Business India, Television at MIPCOM International… a worldwide convention where television programs are bought and sold.  Cannes, France.

Reader (1994). For Bonny Dore Productions, LA.  Read scripts and made recommendations.

Assistant  Director (1991 - 1992). Assisted Shekhar Kapur, [director of Four Feathers, Elizabeth and Bandit Queen] at Quasar Films, India, on three Hindi commercial feature films.  Worked on scripting, pre-production, production and editing.

Scriptwriter (1990). Internship at BBN (Bombay Broadcasting Network), New York.  Received on-air credit as
Scriptwriter for 12 episodes of the 45 min. show "Cinema Cinema" broadcast to major US cities.

Film editing intern (1990). Internship at Valkhn Films, New York.

Production Assistant  (1989). Internship at Sippy Films, India.  Worked on the sets of an Indian feature film, Bhrashtachaar.