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University Service Form

One of the tasks of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate is to make first round nominations for Faculty Senate officers, Senators-at-large, and standing, advisory and ad hoc committees of the Senate. The Senate Executive Committee also makes appointments as vacancies occur and recommends to the President of the University names of persons to be considered for appointment to various boards, commissions, and task forces. The Faculty President is responsible for a number of other appointments as well. These recommendations and appointments are discussed on an ongoing basis, and the Senate Executive Committee encourages your participation. With a few exceptions, all full-time faculty, including full-time Lecturers, are eligible to serve.

If you are interested in serving on any of the following committees and boards, please indicate by checking the box next to the committee names listed below.  For more information, please call the Senate Office (X3263) or visit the Faculty Senate website.  Faculty Senate Standing Committees are described in Article V of the Bylaws of the Faculty.   Should you be considered for any of the positions, the Senate Office will contact you to ask whether you wish to serve.

We also encourage you to update your faculty profile on the Faculty App site. This is an excellent place for you to include a brief biography, your research interests, and your committee service (past and current).  During our spring elections, we will refer voters to this site, to learn more about the candidates.


Enter full name here.
Enter your department name here.
Enter a phone number where you can be reached for questions.
Please include a brief biography (4 lines) that expresses your interests and/or experience. You may want to consider pasting this brief bio from a Word document.

Please check all committees, boards, and positions that are of interest to you.  Faculty Senate Standing Committees are described in Article V of the Bylaws of the Faculty (see link above).

You must be nominated and then elected to these positions.