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If the policy is not in the listings below, please see the Senate Policy Index on left side bar. Then contact the Faculty Senate Office for a copy.

New and Recently Revised Policies (2015 - Present)

Senate Policies (alphabetical order)

If the policy is not in the listings below, please see the Senate Policy Index on left side bar. Then contact the Faculty Senate Office for a copy.

Academic Internships (1992) (.pdf)

Academic Minor (1989) (.pdf)

Accelerated Promotion Review Process (revised 2013) (.pdf)

Administrative Graduation (new 2010) (.pdf)

Associate Dean Search Committees (2007) (.pdf)

Certificates Policy (2009) (.pdf)

Class Visit Policy (2007) (.pdf)

Conflict of Interest Policy for Grants and Contracts (revised 2013) (.pdf)

Contributions to Field of Study (revised 2013) (.pdf)

Course Numbering System (1990) (.pdf)

Criterion for Continued Enrollment of Readmitted Previously Disqualified Students (2008) (.pdf)

Curriculum Review Procedures (1993) (.pdf)

Earning a Major and a Minor from the Same Department (2006) (.pdf)

Effective Date of New or Revised Personnel Policies (revised 2011) (.pdf)

Eligibility for Emeritus Status (2006) (.pdf) 

Endowed Chairs and Professorships (2007) (.pdf) 

Exception Clause Policy (2006) (.pdf) 

Faculty Role in Developing the Academic Calendar (2006) (.pdf)

Financial Conflict of Interest Pertaining to PHS-Sponsored Projects (new 2014) (.pdf)

Five-Year Review of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (2009) (.pdf) 

FERP Faculty Service on Department Personnel Committees (2005) (.pdf) 

General Education Reform Model (2005) (.pdf)

GPA Requirements for Graduate Programs (2006) (.pdf)

Graduate Probation and Disqualification (revised 2014) (.pdf) 

Grant-Related/Specially Funded Instructional Faculty (2008) (.pdf)

Inventions and Patents (2001) (.pdf) 

Lecturers Role in Election of Search Committees for Deans and Associate Deans (2005) (.pdf)

Major and Minor Policy (revised 2010) (.pdf)

Missed Classes Due to Participation in University-Approved Activities (2005) (.pdf)

Online and Hybrid Courses (2011) (.pdf)

Peer Class Visit Reports (revised 2013) (.pdf)

Periodic Review of Department and College Personnel Procedures (2005) (.pdf)

Periodic Review of Tenured Faculty - Post Tenure Review (2008) (.pdf)

Petition/Appeal Process for Honors at Graduation (2008) (.pdf)

Plus/Minus Grading (1987) (.pdf)

Post-baccaulaureate Credential Probation and Disqualification (revised 2014) (.pdf)

Procedures for Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness (reaffirmed 2012) (.pdf)

Procedures for Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness for Lecturers (reaffirmed 2012) (.pdf)

Reappointment Policy (revised 2012) (.pdf)

Reinstatement after Third Disqualification (2008) (.pdf) 

Repeating Courses for Grade Improvement (2003) (.pdf)

Repeating Courses for the Third or Subsequent Time (2008) (.pdf)

Removal of AVP of Human Resources from Sect. 600 Searches (2006) (.pdf)

Policy and Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct (revised 2014) (.pdf)

Retention of Student Work (2005) (.pdf)

Sabbatical Leave Procedures (2009) (.pdf)

Second Baccalaureate Disqualification (revised 2013) (.pdf)

Statement of Professional Responsibility (2009) (.pdf)

Timely Adoption of Textbook/Instructional Materials for Accessibility (2008) (.pdf)

Training for Equity & Diversity Reps on Search Committee for FT Faculty (2009) (.pdf)

Undergraduate Academic Internship Policy (revised 2012) (.pdf)

Undergraduate Policy on Withdrawals (2009) (.pdf)

Undergraduate Policy on Repeating Courses (2009) (.pdf)

Undergraduate Disqualification (2004) (.pdf)Upper Division Writing Proficiency Examination (revised 2010) (.pdf)

Resolutions (2006 to Present)

SEC Resolution in Response to EO 1100 (Revised) and EO 1110 (10/26/17)

Reconsideration of the Motion Concerning Executive Order 1100 (revised) and Executive Order 1110 (9/28/17)

Developmental Education Resolution (6/15/17)

Institutional Support of and Protection for Undocumented Students at CSUN (3/9/17)

In Support of Administering Student Evaluations of Faculty Online (3/9/17)

Endorsement of CSUN Associated Students Incorporated's Opposition to Proposed Tuition Increase (2/16/17)

A Resolution Honoring José Luis Vargas (5/12/2016)

Resolution of the Academic Technology Committee Regarding Affordable Learning Solutions (2/18/16)

CSUN Resolution on California State University (CSU) Presidential Searches (11/19/15 pdf)

A Resolution of the Faculty Senate at CSUN Honoring the Memory of Dr. Shane G. Frehlich (10/15/15)

A Resolution of the Faculty Senate at CSUN Honoring Provost Harry Hellenbrand (5/7/15)

Resolution in Support of AS-3197-14: The Need for a Comprehensive CSU Policy on Academic Freedom (4/2/15)

Electronic Submission of Coursework (5/8/14)

Supporting the Creation of a Campus Connections Committee for the VPAC (11/21/13) 

Support of Open Access for Faculty Publications (11/21/13)

Resolution of Appreciation for Steven Stepanek (11/21/13)

Endorsement of a Letter of Support for the Nomination of Provost and Vice President Harry Hellenbrand (11/21/13)

Appointment of a CSU Faculty Trustee to the California State University Board of Trustees (10/17/13)

A Resolution in Honor of Darrick Danta (3/7/2013) 

Resolution of Appreciation for Provost Harry Hellenbrand (9/20/12)

Protest Concerning the Development and Implementation of Mandatory Early Start Programs in Writing (3/8/2012)

Appreciation for Dean Susan Curzon (12/9/2010)

Thanking the EO 1048 Mandatory Early Start Working (12/9/2010)

Supporting a Series of Public Events at CSU, Northridge, to Focus on the Fate of Higher Education in California (12/9/2010)

A Resolution in Honor of Karin Duran (9/23/2010)

Flexible, Forward-Looking Enrollment Planning for individual CSU Campuses (3/18/2010)

March 4th "Day of Action" (2/11/2010)

Restructuring of GE Governance (9/17/2009)

Web Accessibility (11/2/2006)

Proposition 1D (10/5/2006)