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Virtual Poster Sessions

2021 Virtual Poster Sessions

Exploring HyFlex at CSUN (.pdf)
Whitney Scott, Director for Faculty Development
Helen Heinrich, Associate Vice President of Academic Technology
Ryan Conlogue, Director of User Support Services

Faculty Development Opportunities in 2021-22
Marcy DeVeaux, Associate Director, Faculty Development
Hillary Kaplowitz, Lead for Instructional Design & Multimedia Services
       Passcode: z&n$W2@M

IT Training Opportunities for Faculty in 2021-22 (.ppt)
Introducing Instructional Technology (.doc)
Takiya Moore, Director of Instructional Technology
Helen Heinrich, Associate Vice President of Academic Technology

CHRS: Update on Faculty Hiring
Carmen Lichtscheidl, Senior Academic Analyst for Faculty Affairs
         Passcode: o1h1$cW.

Order of Assignment Changes for 2021-22 (.ppt)
Michelle Kilmnick, Director of Faculty Affairs

Student Accommodations (.ppt)
Kate Tipton, Accessibility Program Manager

Student Success Programming (.pdf)
Melanie Bocanegra, Associate Vice President for Student Success