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CSUN is proud to sponsor J-1 Visiting Scholars to perform research and collaborative efforts with our campus faculty.  Below are our current Visiting Scholars from the various colleges on campus. 


College of Science and Mathematics



 Chiara Pisapia, Ph.D

 Home Country: Italy

 Affiliated Institution: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, Australia

 Research: Dr. Pisapia is conducting research through connecting remote sensing imaging with the community structure and function of coral reefs in the Pacific. 





Jorge Botana Alcalde, Ph.D.

Home Country: Spain

Affiliated Institution: Beijing Computational Science Research Center

Research: Dr. Botana Alcalde is carrying out research on novel high-pressure chemistry, and the reactivity of several elements with iron and nickel at the earth core condition of high pressure.





 Lei Zhao

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: South China University

 Research: Ms. Zhao is carrying out research on the density functional study of semiconductor materials and catalysis processes on oxide surfaces.




Maddy the MatadorWencai Yi

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Institute of Theoretical Chemistry

 Research: Mr. Yi is collaborating on the development of an improved structure search method for low dimensional   semiconductor materials and semiconductor surfaces, while searching for new 2D materials with novel and superior properties.





Physics and Astronomy 

 Oleg Udalov, Ph.D.*

 Home Country: Russia

 Affiliated Institution: Institute for Physics of Microstructures RAS

 Research: Dr. Udalov is conducting research in multi-scale modeling of composite multiferroics, studying the exchange interactions in the presence of magnetic anisotropy and long-range magneto-dipole interaction in the system.

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 Yurui Gao, Ph.D.

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

 Research: Dr. Gao is carrying out first-principles simulations for batteries.




Zhen Liu

Home Country: China

Affiliated Institution: Beijing Normal University, Department of Physics

Research: Mr. Liu is carrying out electronic structure calculations of CdZnTe systems and CdZnTe/metal interfaces pertinent to radiation detectors for y-ray and x-ray detectors.




 Zhonglong Zhao, Ph.D. 

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials, Jilin University

 Research: Dr. Zhao is conducting research carrying out first-principles simulations for organic photovoltaics devices.       




 Han-Qing Wu

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Renmin University of China

 Research: Dr. Wu is working on the development of new methods for studying many-particle electron and boson systems,     and conducting research in the field of condensed matter physics focusing on strongly correlated systems. 


 Reza Haghshenas

 Home Country: Iran

 Affiliated Institution: Sharif University of Technology, Department of PhysicsResearch: Mr. Haghshenas is conducting   research on the development of new methods for studying many-particle electron and boson systems based on tensor   network and density matrix renormalization group approaches, and will conduct  research in the field of condensed matter   physics. 




Xin Wang

 Xin Wang, Ph.D.

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Beijing Institute of Technology University

 Research: Dr. Wang is carrying out research on developing new technology and performing scientific observations with   astronomical telescopes.




 Yafei Ren

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: University of Science and Technology of China

 Research: Mr. Ren is conducting research on topological superconductors and majorana fermions.





 Feiyan Wu

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Nanchang University

 Research: Dr. Wu is carrying out first-principles investigations on the electronic and optical properties of organic materials in   the photovoltaic applications.




 Yunyou Yang

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Sichuan Normal University

 Research: Dr. Yang is working on the development of new methods for studying quantum charge and spin hall effects for   systems with time dependent interactions.




 Gang Zhao

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics and Technology

 Research: Dr. Zhao is working on the development of a coronagraph for exoplanet imaging and measurement techniques.




 Qi-Long Sun

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Shandong University  

 Research: Dr. Sun is working on the application of first-principles electronic structure calculations to investigate and predict the   effect of electric field on controlling the magnetization of nanoscale ultrathin ferroelectric or multiferroic thin films.




Maddy the Matador

Tsogbayar Tsednee

 Home country: Mongolia

 Affiliated Institution: Texas A & M University

 Research: Dr. Tsendee is carrying out research on improving the numerical implementation and theoretical basis of existing     implicit molecular solvent models, apply molecular modeling methods to perform free energy, and enhance sampling   calculations related to molecular recognition.



College of Education

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

 Airong Lu*

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: CSUN 

 Research: Ms. Lu is conducting research on comparative education in the United States and China. 


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Qing Yang

Qing Yang

Home Country: China

Affiliated Institution: Guizhou University

Research: Ms. Yang is working on the comparative study of school principals in the  U.S. and China, providing insight from the perspectives of Chinese education scholars at the national level.




Maddy the Matador Jie Gu

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Nanjing Xiaozhuang University

 Research: Ms. Gu is conducting research on American and Chinese education literature on comparative education and   educational technology and identifying gaps between the U.S. and China in instructional technology.




Maddy the Matador

Xiaoxia Wang

Home country: China

Affiliated Institution: National Institute of Educational Sciences (NIES)

Research: Dr. Wang is working on a China – U.S. comparative study on curriculum leadership of elementary and middle school principals.




College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


 Yunzhi You 

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: Sanda University  

 Research: MS. You is working on research on the current professional ethics education at CSUN, and a comparative study of       the moral education methods and modes of universities in China and the United States.




Criminology & Justice Studies

Maddy the Matador

 An Li 

 Home Country: China

 Affiliated Institution: China University of Political Science and Law

 Research: Dr. Li is conducting research on applied sociological studies in the field of social problems and social welfare, and conducting a comparative study on different teaching modes of social problems and social welfare. 


College of Engineering and Computer Science

Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management (MSEM) 


David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Finance, Financial Planning and Insurance

 Yoshihiro Asai, Ph.D.

 Home Country: Japan

 Affiliated Institution: Meiji University

 Research: Dr. Asai is conducting research on how Japanese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) manage workers' compensation in comparison to their counterparts in the United States. 





Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication


Maddy the MatadorHongxing Ren

Home country: China

Affiliated Institution: Shaanxi Normal University

Research: Mr. Ren is working on his on-going research in the examination of the current situation and reform measures of public music education at Shaanxi Normal University, while learning about music education in the United States.




 Kevin Dotremont

 Home country: Belgium

 Affiliated Institution: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

 Research: Mr. Dotremont is conducting research on collegiate strength and conditioning, with a focus on multidisciplinary training   methods with regard to sports, movement and health sciences.


College of the Humanities


Maddy the Matador Qiang Fu

 Home country: China

 Affiliated Institution: South China Normal University

 Research: Ms. Fu is working on research on sustainable development in order to build a systemic mechanism of the overall   optimization and sustainable development of socio-ecological systems.




Maddy the Matador

Zhang Xiaobo

Home country: China

Affiliated Institution: Guangdong Ocean University

Research: Dr. Xiaobo is working on research on the acceptance of Chinese philosophical concepts of The Analects in the English world.