Reach and Recruit

  • 1, Preparation. 2, Interviewing. 3, Recruitment. 4, Hiring.

Reach and Recruit

Welcome to Faculty Reach and Recruit

As a destination workplace, California State University, Northridge attracts, develops, and maintains a diverse workforce of over 4,000 engaged and committed faculty and staff. CSUN is committed to achieving excellence through teaching, scholarship, learning, and inclusion. CSUN is especially interested in candidates who make contributions to equity and inclusion in the pursuit of excellence for all members of the university community. 

Looking to recruit new faculty? Follow the flowchart beginning with the preparation stage to organize your search process. Learn about forming search committees, announcing faculty openings, and accessing workshops. Start recruiting by promoting new faculty openings and locating potential faculty candidates. Once you have finalized your candidates, enhance your interview process by utilizing sample interview questions and our campus itinerary for best practices on hospitality. Lastly, finalize the interview through the hiring procedure with information about search reports and the role of the dean. 

The Hiring Process

Step 1 Preparation

Forming Committees

Procedures here are intended as a guide for members of search and screen committees ("search committees") seeking to fill full-time tenure-track faculty and full-time lecturer positions. 

Position Announcement

Open position posting starts with submitting a Faculty Open Announcement and Recruitment Plan with Dean's approval. Explore the processes towards effective position announcements and recruiting. 

Training Resources

Committee resources dedicated to role assignment and processes. Delegate duties and designate goal touchpoints. Learn more about chair member duties and tasks.

Step 2 Recruitment


Search directories and databases from organizations, consortiums and programs to locate diverse faculty candidates.


Post open faculty positions on popular boards in higher education to recruit diverse candidates.


Explore the following rosters from MSIs and HBCUs to find and recruit diverse candidates.

Step 3 Interviewing

Guidelines for Interviewing Applicants

Rules and guidelines with sample interview questions. These are designed to help the recruiter prepare the candidate for the interview process. 

Best Practices

Hospitality and welcoming practices are outlined here. Recruitment lies beyond just the direct interview process. Learn the best practices to welcome potential candidates to CSUN. From housing to local activities, this guide is used for easing in prospective recruits.  

Sample Campus and Virtual Itineraries

Plan a course for new CSUN talent. Take them through the best that CSUN and Northridge has to offer. View the campus itinerary below.

Sample Equity-Minded Interview Questions

A sample of equity-minded interview questions that search committees can use for a successful interview. 


Step 4 Hiring

Search Report

The goal of the Chief Diversity Office in its review of search reports is to verify that all candidates in the search process were treated equitably. The information required by the following manuals maximizes the possibility that the information required for such verification is documented in the report.

Dean's Role

Hiring of new candidates require dean's approval across all CSUN colleges. Get in contact with the respective dean of your college to continue with the hiring process. 

Hiring Procedure

We are pleased to have you join Cal State Northridge and hope you will find your experience here rewarding. As a new member of our campus, there are several things you need to be aware of and paperwork that must be completed to ensure we can properly establish your appointment in our system. 


Find documents from templates to hiring manuals below. Aggregated documents necessary for the recruitment and hiring process can be found under the specified categories. Need a quick link to a document? Explore frequently used forms to find what you need.