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Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement Update

Summary of Unit 3 Faculty Salary Increases

2014 - 2015 Fiscal Year

Steps to Apply the Salary IncreasesType of IncreaseEligibilityNotes
Step 1

Lecturer Salary Correction (LSC)

  • Movement to Lecturer A (Rank 2). If lecturer has a terminal degree within the field, movement to Lecturer B is possible (LSC).
  • Possible movement to Lecture B (Rank 3), if lecturer has a terminal degree within the field (LSC).
Step 2

General Salary Increase (GSI)

  • All Unit 3 faculty will receive a  GSI of 1.6%
  • FERP and Rehired Annuitants eligible
Step 3

Salary Recovery Adjustments (SRA)

  • Temporary faculty unit employees holding three-year appointments under provision 12.12 of the CBA
  • Tenured and Probationary Faculty
  • Coaching faculty employees with six or more consecutive years of service in the same classification
  • FERP and Rehired Annuitants NOT eligible

SRA- up to 3%, no more than SSI max of salary schedule


Step 4

System-wide Equity Program

  • Tenured and Probationary Faculty
  • FERP and Rehired Annuitants NOT eligible
  • System-wide Equity Increase whose salaries are below SSI maximum after the receipt of the SRA
  • Chart based on date entered into tenure track, page 4 of Technical Letter (.pdf)
Step 5

Campus-based Equity Program