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EEO Toolkit

Equity in Faculty Hiring Resources and Tools

Updated March 2023

First announced last year, CSUN is now fully implementing the Provost’s Equity in Faculty Hiring Initiative with a new, comprehensive toolkit that emphasizes best practices for ensuring equitable searches in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity principles.  The toolkit provides a step-by-step process, including examples and templates, for each phase of the recruitment. “As you know,” noted Provost Walker, “President Beck and I are fully committed to advancing faculty diversity. As a central component of this, I have asked the Co-Directors of Faculty Equity and Compliance, Professors Elena Miranda (Geology) and Sylvia Macauley (History), to assist with the launch of the initiative by recommending best practices for revising recruitment and search and screen processes for tenure-track faculty searches. They have done an exceptional job in working through research and proven best practices and have created a recruitment plan shown to be effective at peer campuses, including CSU Long Beach and San Diego State University. The new approach marks a change in practice and leverages new opportunities for both affirmative outreach and inclusive practices in search and screen procedures. Colleges have expressed enthusiasm for reinvigorating the search and screen process, so this comes at an important time.”

As part of the new Equity in Hiring Initiative, we have designated Faculty Equity & Compliance Representatives (FECRs) in each of the Colleges who will work with our AVP of Equity and Compliance, Barrett Morris, to ensure that all searches meet Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) best practices that will help the campus achieve its goals of diversifying the faculty through an equitable and inclusive search process.  Each college’s FECR is available to answer questions and assist search committees as they prepare their search documents (see the links to FECRs and Equity Initiative Personnel below). CSUN seeks to foster inclusive excellence and equitable outcomes in recruitment and hiring practices through the implementation of innovative, evidence-based practices that will bolster the retention of faculty from underserved groups. This page includes links to clear, simple to use resources that will advance the university's existing good work in recruitment to a stronger alignment with CSUN's values of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 


Faculty Equity and Compliance Representatives (FECRs)

  • FECRs: assist search committees with the tenure-track faculty search process, including implementation of best practices for recruiting a diverse faculty and a faculty who understands diversity, equity and inclusion; reviewing and advising on the development of search materials and processes, and working closely with the search committees in the College through the search process (though not as a member of the committees); providing guidance for faculty, staff, and students about best practices for interacting with job candidates during interviews.


Name of Faculty Equity and Compliance Representatives (FECRs)


Tracy Buenavista and Dimpal Jain


Casey terHorst


Dana Stone


Tracy Buenavista


Jade Huell


John Valdovinos


Dimpal Jain


Yarma Velazquez Vargas


Dianah Wynter




Co-Directors of Equity and Compliance for Faculty Recruitment & Retention

  • Co-Directors of Equity and Compliance for Faculty Recruitment & Retention Dr. Elena A. MirandaProfessor of Geology, and Dr. Sylvia Macauley, Professor of History and Special Assistant to the Dean: provide leadership, guidance, planning, and implementation of innovative practices that foster inclusive excellence and equitable outcomes in recruiting and retaining underrepresented faculty with a focus on racial equity; support and train FECRs; help lead training efforts for EEO Best Practices in Hiring; assist the AVP of the Office of Equity and Compliance with review of current search practices.

AVP of Equity and Compliance

  • AVP of Equity and Compliance Barrett Morris: leads training efforts for Equal Employment Opportunity Hiring Best Practices, oversees compliance in faculty search activities, leads audits of ongoing faculty searches.

Provost's Office

  • Provost’s Office: provides leadership and coordination between Provost’s Office, Faculty Affairs, and the Office of Equity and Compliance to oversee implementation of the Equity and Hiring Initiative; facilitates collaborations between Co-Directors and other campus entities to help support and advance the goals of the Initiative.