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Department Chairs and Deans Retreat 2017

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Some Policies {& Other Stuff} Every College Leader Should Know

Tami Abourezk, Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Programs 
Crist Khachikian, Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies
This interactive session will involve an overview and discussion of several current policies and procedures
that are important for College leaders to know. The topics will include policies related to undergraduate and
graduate students that have been recently passed or enacted by the CSUN Faculty Senate,CSU Board of Trustees,
CSU CO, WASC and Financial Aid (FAFSA).  The challenges and potential pitfalls that academic programs face in light
 of these new policies will be outlined and debated.

Even More (and more advanced) Fun with Data for Student Success

Janet Oh, Senior Director, Institutional Research
Elizabeth Adams, Associate Vice President for Student Success
You know the tools, you check your stats, you mind the gaps.  Now what?  This session will remind experienced
leaders of (and introduce new ones to) the data tools available to them to help with decision making, planning, and
analysis. We’ll also preview Data Workshop 2.0 where chairs, data champions, deans, associate deans, faculty, and
anyone invested in student success can take their data game to the next level.  Presented in the context of where
we are in Matadors Rising and GI 2025 initiatives after year one, the session works for both the experienced
data diver and the data initiate. At CSUN, data is our thing, so come learn how you can be part of the excitement.
Presentation (PDF)