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QuickCopies & Reprographics

Offers affordable photocopying, graphic design, and sign-making and installation services to the CSUN community. Located inside the Matador Bookstore, QuickCopies offers photo-copying, poster printing, mounting & laminating, postcards & brochures, binding, sign & banner-making, and many other services.  Our Reprographics specialists can advise CSUN students, faculty and staff with everything from name tags to engraving commemorative plaques to sign placement.

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  • How much do copies cost?
    Black & White copies cost 10¢ each, while color copies are 25¢ for 8.5 x 11.
  • How can I make copies?
    Simply come in to our store and help yourself to one of our self-service copiers. If you need help, ask one of our customer service representatives for assistance.
  • Can you send/receive faxes from your store?
    Yes, you can actually do both. Our fax number is (818) 677-4646. We will hold your received fax in an envelope at QuickCopies for you to pick up.
  • Do you have a computer that students may use?
    Yes, we have a self-serve computer that students may use for printing color or black and white prints.
  • Do you have a scanner?
    Yes, we do. You may scan anything to your email.
  • What other services do you offer?
    • Poster Printing
    • Mounting & Laminating
    • Postcards & Brochures
    • Binding
    • P.O. Box Rentals
    • Buttons
    • Signs & Banners
    • Name Plates
    • Name Tags
    • Plaques
    • License Plate Frames


  • How much do mailboxes cost?
    3 months - $ 35.00
    6 months - $ 60.00
    9 months - $ 75.00
    1 year - $ 95.00.
  • Do you forward mail?
    We offer forwarding of First Class mail for a fee when you close a current mailbox. We do not forward Standard Class mail.
  • Can you mail items from QuickCopies?
    Yes, we have FedEx, UPS and USPS mailing services.


  • Reprographics makes engraved signs and nameplates, fabricates temporary special event and directional signage using a wide variety of materials, metal, plastic, wood, banner, and cardboard. Services also include vinyl vehicle lettering and window graphics. Please note, all signs that will be posted on campus must comply with University general graphic standards.
  • When ordering, please include the location for the sign, dimensions, color, text and sketch, if possible. The sign will feature the exact spelling, wording, punctuation, and letter case as specified, so please check requests carefully.
  • Prices vary depending on color/material and additional instructions. Please call (818) 677-2898 for a quote. 


  • Can you purchase your coursepacks at Quickcopies?
    No, coursepacks are to be purchased at the Matador Bookstore. If they are sold out, proceed to the Bookstore information desk and ask an associate for assistance.


  • How may I get more Toner / Staples?
    Send an email to quick-copies@csun.edu if you have a Sharp Copier with Equipment ID between 11654 - 13470 . We need to know the equipment ID number on the copier, what supplies you need, and the delivery information. Your supply will be delivered within 24 hours.
  • Where and when should I send the meter reads?
    Send meter reads to on the FIRST day of each month. Please include the equipment ID number.
  • Where do I get information about the Copier Program?
    Please email mary.hanson@csun.edu


  • You can email your job to QuickCopies, using the email address: .
    Please include the following in your email:
  1. How many originals in the file.
  2. How many copies you need.
  3. If you need it on special paper.
  4. If it is single sided or double sided.
  5. If you need it stapled.

We will respond to your job with an order number once we have completed the job. Please allow the following for a delivery turn-around:

  • If you email Monday-Thursday, 8:00am - 11:30am, your order will be delivered the next day before 12:00pm.
  • If you email Monday-Thursday, 11:31am - 5:00pm, your order will be delivered the next day before 4:00pm.
  • If you email Friday, 8:00am - 11:30am, your order will be delivered Monday before 12:00pm.
  • If you email Friday, 11:31am - 5:00pm, your order will be delivered Monday before 4:00pm.

If you need your job sooner than this, you are more than welcome to pick-up your job at QuickCopies. Please indicate it is for pick-up, and when you will be arriving.