California Drought 2014

California State University Northridge is committed to doing our part to help conserve water. Please click here to see our historical water trends and our future projections. Below is a listing of completed and current projects which target water reduction:

Picture of Arbor Court drought tolerant plants  Picture of Redwood Hall drought tolerant plants  Picture of Engineering path drought tolerant plants 

Completed Projects

  • Turf removal and drought tolerant plant installations:
    • Plummer Street
    • Etiwanda Street
    • Matador Drive
    • Playfield Landscaping
    • Redwood Hall
    • Arbor Court
    • Plummer/Lindley
  • USU Rec Field - Artificial Turf Field Zero water used for irrigation
  • B1, B2, B4 Parking Lot – Trees have been replaced with drought tolerant trees that require no irrigation.
  • Aqua Cents- Hydrogel injection was done on East Field in March 2015.
    • East Field 147,000 square feet
  • Estimated water savings 2.8 million gallons annually
  • Urinals – All campus urinals have been replaced with water-less or ultra low-flow urinals
  • Irrigation System Upgrades- Installing flow sensors, mater valves and enabling weather based scheduling.
  • Public awareness signage installed in every restroom

Changes in Operations

  • Ensuring all hoses are fitted with auto off nozzles.
  • Monitoring of the upgraded irrigation system through the centralized control system and identifying leaks or breaks.
  • Irrigation Strike Teams Implementation – A dedicated task force of grounds employees specifically tasked with upgrading the campus’ irrigation system with the most efficient irrigation heads and nozzles, ensuring that zones have appropriate coverage and do not water sidewalks or paved areas, replace broken heads, ensure that all systems are operable. This program is now part normal operations and has shown great results.

Current Projects

  • Irrigation System Upgrades- Installing flow sensors, mater valves and enabling weather based scheduling. This will ultimately allow the irrigation system to immediately identify leaks and shut the system down resulting in water savings.
  • Aqua Cents Applications July 2015
    • Sierra Quad
      • 70,000 sqft
      • Estimated water savings 1.3 million gallons annually
  • North Field
    • 159,000 sqft
    • Estimated water savings 3 million gallons annually

Updated 6/22/15