Ethnic Studies Education Pathways Project

Student Mentees 2022

Jennie Skillern

Jennie Skillern (She/her/hers)
B.A. in Communication Studies, M.A. in Diverse Community Development Leadership in progress

My name is Jennie, and I am a first-generation college student. Currently, I am a Graduate Research Assistant for the Black Student Success Council at CSUN. Advocating for students of color in the education system is my passion and something I hope to continue in my professional career.

Jocelyn HaroJocelyn Haro (She/Her)
Associates Degree in Liberal Studies, working towards a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies

My name is Jocelyn Haro and I am a chicana from LA. My dream has always been to make a difference in my surrounding latin communities through education. My major is Liberal Studies and I hope to one day be able to become an inspiring principal and create a well-rounded and accepting school community for all of my students and their families.

Nicole RodriguezNicole Rodriguez (She/hers/her)
Major: Chicano Studies Single Subject Matter Program

Ethnic Studies has changed the way I view myself and the world around me. I hope to one day introduce Ethnic Studies to high school students. Furthermore, I am passionate about the inclusion of restorative practices within the classroom. I am determined to create a classroom full of knowledge, safety, accountability, and empowerment.

Ma Alexsa RamosMa Alexsa Ramos (She/her/hers)
Graduated with a Bachelors of Liberal Studies and Child Adolescent Development. Currently in the last semester of the credential program.

I was born and raised in the Philippines and migrated to California 12 years ago. My experience as an immigrant student as well as my parents' journey in America has inspired me to become an elementary teacher. I hope to create a classroom where every student feels like they have a voice and limitless potential.  Most especially, I hope to empower students from marginalized communities by incorporating ethnic studies into my teaching.

Solanj MandaniSolanj Mandani (She/Her)
Deaf Studies

I believe that education is important and I want it to be more equitable for disability, especially Deaf and hard of hearing students who need access to education. I hope to become a social worker and build an understanding of the system, as well as how education and mental health systems affect deaf and hard of hearing students.  

Sophia-Marie CabacunganSophia-Marie Cabacungan (She/Her)
Child and Adolescent Development

One overarching goal I hold in life is to spread awareness on issues of inclusion and injustice. I have begun doing so in my current environments and hope to expand more with time! Continuously remembering to speak my mind and stand up for my beliefs. 

Chantey GutierrezChantey Gutierrez (She/Her)
Major Chicano Studies/ Minor CADV

My name is Chantey Gutierrez and I have worked in an afterschool program environment with children K-12th grade and have created academic and extracurricular programs that have allowed them to grow as independent individuals.

Kelsey ValdezKelsey Valdez (She/her/hers)
Liberal Studies

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kelsey Valdez is a continuing student at CSUN. She is a Liberal Studies major currently pursuing a career as an elementary school teacher and actively works in programs that help educate and uplift BIPOC communities.

Rene AranaRene Arana (He/him/his)
Major: Chicanx Studies Social Science Subject Matter Waiver Program & Sociology Minor

My experience in education has been limited to particular subject matters. However, getting introduced to ethnic studies in college made me realize how empowering it is. It can transcend the idea behind education. The enriching experience of learning through an ethnic studies lens has inspired me to continue to learn and teach using intersectional pedagogies.

Yvette PerezYvette Perez (She/her/ella)

I’m a first-gen college student and I’m passionate about the undocumented and BIPOC communities. I’ve organized walkouts and other mutual aid efforts since I was in high school. I’m personally interested in decolonization and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Sharon HuynhSharon Huynh (She/her/hers)
Art (Graphic Design)/ Asian American Studies

Hi y’all! My name is Sharon Huynh. My pronouns are she/her/hers. As a Vietnamese-Chinese American identifying woman, I feel as though those aspects of my identity define who I am. While learning to come to terms with what that looks and feels like, I’ve participated in the ESEPP program in order to learn more about how to incorporate ethnic studies in education. My experiences alone allowed me to discover who I am and where I come from. I hope we can help others do the same.

Helen LiHelen Li (She/her/hers)
AA-T in Psychology (Mt.SAC), B.A. in Psychology (UCLA),  M.S. in Counseling, Professional Clinical Counseling (PCC) Candidate Specialization in College Counseling and Student Services (CCSS)

I am a first-generation graduate student in CSUN's Counseling, College Counseling and Student Services program. I strive to help college students succeed in their goals and incorporate a holistic approach in counseling. My work is centered around advocacy, inclusion, and equity so that all students feel empowered in their education experience. My graduate project is focused on increasing mental health literacy in the Asian and Pacific community at colleges through peer education!

Napat "Nathan" Maneerit (He/him/his)
Asian American Studies Major and Political Science Minor

Currently finalizing a degree in Asian American Studies and minor in Political Science. I aspire to utilize my ethnic studies education to make positive impacts in my community and the field of social work.