Ethnic Studies Education Pathways Project


In ESEPP, mentees discuss their professional goals and aspirations with their mentors. Based on mentee goals, mentors will use their experience to co-determine with mentees an “artifact” to be produced by the end of their ESEPP experience. The goal is for mentors to guide mentees in producing an artifact that will enhance their exploration, understanding and/or preparedness to become an ethnic studies educator.


First Gen College Bound Students (pdf)

Liberated Ethnic Studies, Model Curriculum

Ethnic Studies at CSUN, infographic

Tips for Applying to Teacher positions

Ethnic Studies at CSUN, presentation

Ethnic Studies, icebreaker activity

Ethnic Studies, Resource List

Presentation: Intersectional Origins of Modern American Pop Culture

Curriculum plan: Intersectional Origins of Modern American Pop Culture

Proposal for Africana Studies Writing Center, Health & Wellness series

Immigrant Experience, presentation

Latinx/Filipinx Farmworkers, Unite for Justice

Presentation: Latinx/Filipinx Farmworkers, Unite for Justice

Summary of ESEPP learning, by a future school counselor

10 Step Process of Creating an Ethnic Studies Lesson Plan


Origins of Mexican Dance, 4th/5th grade lesson plan

Presentation: Origins of Mexican Dance

Mental Health in Asian and Pacific Communities

Presentation: The Tools Towards An Ethnically Aware Child

11th grade Curriculum: "U.S. History With An Ethnic Studies Emphasis"

9th grade Syllabus, "Introduction to Ethnic Studies"

Presentation: APIDA Heritage Month

Comic: "Healing"

Presentation: Wellness for Students

Presentation: "Bodies Make Change"

Infographic: "Bodies Make Change"

Presentation: Navigating Mental Health - A Thai American Narrative