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Letter from Harry Hellenbrand

California State University Northridge
Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dear Faculty,

California State University, Northridge loses almost 21% of the first time freshmen enrollment at the end of their first year. You are teaching the first year students who are at the highest risk of dropping out of the university. Toward that end I wanted to let you know that CSUN will be continuing with EOP’s Early Warning System (TEWS) for the Spring ’14 semester. EOP will also host a TEWS Workshop for Faculty on Thursday, January 16th.

Going into the spring semester, you may be observe one or two students in your classes who require assistance in adjusting to university expectations. Help for these students can be found in the following offices: Academic Services for Student Athletics, Career Center, DRES, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Klotz Student Health Center, Learning Resource Center, NCOD, Veteran’s Services, EOP Resilient Scholars (for foster youth), Student Support Services EOP, Student Housing & Conference Services & University Counseling Services. Often students don’t know the help is available, and TEWS is one solution to that. TEWS is currently available for first year students enrolled in Developmental Mathematics, writing “Stretch Courses” and UNIV 100 courses.

I invite you to join The Early Warning System (TEWS) to alert others in the university who can work with you to provide a safety net for these students. TEWS is a SOLAR based system ( embedded in your class roster on the CSUN portal.

Your TEWS alert will be sent to the college based Student Service Center/EOP of the student. Or the Advising Resource Center/EOP (ARC/EOP) for undecided students. An advisor will contact the student, assess the student’s need and, when appropriate, refer the student to one of the support places listed above. The advisor will report to you through TEWS to let you know that a contact has been made and an action plan has been developed. Or you can create a TEWS to go directly to the student services specialist listed above.

I encourage you to discuss your concerns directly with the student prior to using TEWS. Please use TEWS as early as you wish from the start of the semester and as often as needed during the semester. Early referrals during the semester may help students complete their classes successfully, but students face new challenges throughout the term. You can find TEWS resources, quick answers to questions at

Thank you for your expertise in teaching freshman and for using TEWS to identify those who may need help. Should you have any questions or need technical support please refer to the Information Resource Guide or contact Conchita Y Battle, Director of ARC/EOP and TEWS Administrator, at x2108 or email at .

Harry Hellenbrand
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
California State University Northridge

Vice President of Student Affairs Deans
Department Chairs - AAS, CAS, CHS, ENGL, PAS, MATH, QS, UNIV 100
Associate Deans,
Director, of The Eductaionl Opportunity Program
College Based Student Services Center/EOP Satellites
Directors of Academic Services for Student Athletics, Career Center, DRES, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Klotz Student Health Center, Learning Resource Center, NCOD, Veteran's Services, EOP Resilient Scholars, Student Housing & Conference Services, Student Support Services/EOP & University Counseling Services

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