• CSUN Bull Ring New Venture Competition

Bull Ring New Venture Competition

Shark Tank Meets Matadors

Build your ideas, connect with mentors, and plug into the startup community at CSUN! Get access to free workshops, dedicated mentoring and coaching sessions - all designed to guide you through the startup process, from idea to launch. Whether you have a seed of an idea and looking to explore it further, or have already put substantial work into your concept, the competition is a great way to learn more about the entrepreneurial process and receive critical early-stage feedback and advice.

The Bull Ring has been made possible thanks to the generous support of our founding and continuing donor, Jeff Marine and his family. The 7th annual event concluded on April 26th, 2022.


2022 Prize Winners

Grand Prize: $5,000

Ryan Moradpour & An An Chang
Octobit is an online training platform with AI conversational partners created to help users develop and improve professional skills.

2nd Place: $2,500

Mark Ajina, Mickey Obispo & Jesus Garcia
SubmitIt provides a service for instructors that checks for potential plagiarism and saves time by grading students’ code.

3rd Place: $1,500

Ifeanyi Nnaji & Amira Judah
Canmove is developing a platform to connect apartment tenants and homeowners to independent drivers and moving companies.

Audience Choice: $1,000
Daniel Garcia & Vini Bjazevich
Vanzari is a resource for music industry fans and professionals that displays history's biggest selling artist's album sales centrally, beautifully, simply, and free of charge.

2022 Distinguished Judging Panel

2022 Judging Panel

Rick Friedman is the CEO and Founder of NovusGC, a boutique law firm providing business-oriented General Counsel services to startups, innovators and early-stage investors. Rick’s expertise spans venture financing, licensing, commercial transactions and general corporate matters.

Allen Lin is currently the founder of the blockchain startup NeonBase, a provider of Web3 domain names and tools. He is also a seasoned eCommerce entrepreneur, investor, and technology sales and marketing executive.

Raychel Espiritu has over 13 years of experience in media, startups, business development, and digital marketing. Her current role as Venture Outreach Manager at The Alliance for Southern California Innovation has her helping match Seed and Series-A-ready startups with institutional investors.

Cole Christie is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte specializing in the technology industry. He is also a Co-Founder of Silicon Beach Investment Group, a democratized investment fund focused on providing capital and expertise to early-stage startups in Southern California.

2022 Mentors

Thank you to our Mentors!

Andi Mysza
Avetis Antaplyan
Cesar Montoya
Charles Yacoobian
Danny Stein
Emily Serebryany
John Ko
Kevin Herzberg
Lewis D'Vorkin
Loren West
Marty Stark
Nishit Rathod
Steven Sarfati
Sylvia Martini
Tania Mulry
Tom Regev

Application Details

Application Details

Applications were due Sunday, March 6th, 2022 and required:

(1) a 10-25 page slide deck *or*
     5-7 page executive summary, AND

(2) a video not to exceed 2 minutes.

The Fine Print: Rules & Eligibility

The Fine Print: Rules & Eligibility

1) The competition is open to ALL current CSUN students.

2) The competition is intended for student-created, -managed, and -owned ventures.

3) Teams must be comprised of at least 2 members.

4) At least 50% of team members must be current CSUN students as of the 2021-2022 academic year (Fall 2021 graduates eligible). The "pitch" must be delivered by a CSUN student.

5) Businesses currently earning >$15K in annual revenue are not eligible.

6) Business that have already raised >$50K in funding from outside sources are not eligible.

7) Both for-profit and non-profit business concepts are eligible; however, sources of revenue must be addressed.

8) An individual may only be a member of one team.

9) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from past Bull Ring Competitions are not eligible.

About CSUN's Entrepreneurship Program

About CSUN's Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program at the Nazarian College complements our students’ inherent energy and creativity with the skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate the feasibility of an idea and ultimately pitch, launch, and grow a new venture. Whether planning to create a business or bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to a larger organization, the program prepares students to confidently present to an audience while developing a strong action-bias and a willingness to experiment.