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Bull Ring New Venture Competition

Shark Tank Meets Matadors

Returning in 2021 for its 6th year, the Bull Ring New Venture Competition serves as a launchpad for new business ideas from CSUN students across campus. The event is hosted by CSUN's David Nazarian College of Business & Economics and has been made possible thanks to the generosity and support of distinguished CSUN alum Jeff Marine and his family.

The Final, "shark-tank"-style event takes place on Tuesday, April 27th!



Grand Prize | $5,000
2nd Place | $2,500
3rd Place | $1,500
Audience Choice | $1,000

Application Details

Application Details

Applications were due Sunday, March 7th, 2021 and required:

(1) a 10-25 page slide deck *or*
     5-7 page executive summary, AND

(2) a video not to exceed 2 minutes.

The Fine Print: Rules & Eligibility

The Fine Print: Rules & Eligibility

1) The competition is open to ALL current CSUN students.

2) The competition is intended for student-created, -managed, and -owned ventures.

3) Teams must be comprised of at least 2 members.

4) At least 50% of team members must be current CSUN students as of the 2020-2021 academic year (Fall 2020 graduates eligible). The "pitch" must be delivered by a CSUN student.

5) Businesses currently earning >$15K in annual revenue are not eligible.

6) Business that have already raised >$50K in funding from outside sources are not eligible.

7) Both for-profit and non-profit business concepts are eligible; however, sources of revenue must be addressed.

8) An individual may only be a member of one team.

9) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from past Bull Ring Competitions are not eligible.

About CSUN's Entrepreneurship Program

About CSUN's Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program at the Nazarian College complements our students’ inherent energy and creativity with the skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate the feasibility of an idea and ultimately pitch, launch, and grow a new venture. Whether planning to create a business or bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to a larger organization, the program prepares students to confidently present to an audience while developing a strong action-bias and a willingness to experiment.