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The Entrepreneurship Program hosts an array of events to complement what students learn and accomplish inside the classroom. Our mission is to empower students with access to knowledge, skills, networks, mentors, and the mindset necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. Explore our various events and competitions below, and scroll down to the bottom for a recap and photos of our past events!

Fall Semester

Startup Workshops
With a combination of guest speakers, direct mentoring, and pitch practice, the workshops cover the fundamentals of launching and growing a new venture. Workshop topics include customer discovery, value proposition, competitive analysis, and the lean startup method.

Startup Workshop with Max Aram, CEO and Founder of Pick My Solar - February 14, 2017

Fast Pitch New Venture Competition
CSUN Fast Pitch is an "elevator pitch" competition held in the Fall Semester where 10 teams of CSUN students, selected as finalists from a competitive field, have three minutes & three slides to pitch their new venture idea to a panel of judges and audience. Each of the student presentations is followed by a 3-5 minute Q&A period from our distinguished panel of judges. The "Fast Pitch" Competition is meant to be a prelude, or training ground, for teams to prepare for the "Bull Ring" New Venture Competition in the Spring, where prize amounts are in the tens of thousands of dollars.
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2nd Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition, November 2016

Art of Innovation Conference

The Art of Innovation Conference is a dynamic, panel-style event covering the role of technology in entrepreneurship, as well as the trends, opportunities, and expert advice related to forming and launching new ventures. The conference is a collaboration between the College of Business/Economics and the College of Engineering/Computer Science features some of the top minds discussing innovation and entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Pictures from AOI 2016

2016 Art of Innovation Conference, October 2016


Spring Semester

Bull Ring Startup "Boot Camp"
With a variety of guest speakers and facilitators, the Bull Ring "Startup Boot Camp" helps students refine their business ideas through an experiential learning environment. Covered topics include product development, customer discovery, competitive analysis, business structure/IP, and "how to pitch."


Bull Ring New Venture Competition
Shark Tank meets Matadors! All majors are encouraged to compete. The event is split into two distinct events: the trade-show style Semi-Finals and the "shark tank" style Final Event. At its core, this competition has been created to promote an “action bias” in our students, a concept of experiential learning that involves building assumptions, testing those assumptions in the market, defining product requirements based on validated assumptions, and adjusting requirements dynamically as the first customers emerge. Students compete for prize money, in-kind donations, and guaranteed placement for 3 months within LACI@CSUN, our on-campus incubator. The inaugural event was Spring 2016. More Info

2017 2nd Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition - FINAL Event - May 2, 2017


2017 2nd Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition - SEMI-FINAL Event - April 4, 2017



Wells Fargo Center Student Consulting Projects

The center serves as a link between our CSUN business students seeking experience solving the real world challenges facing small business, and our business "Clients" seeking to utilize the College resources. One of the Center's primary functions is to create meaningful opportunities among students, faculty, and the business community to network and exchange their ideas, knowledge, and experience in small business and entrepreneurship. We encourage the participation of CSUN alumni and other successful entrepreneurs to serve as guest lecturers to a class, as speakers or panelists at Center events, as judges for business plan competitions, and as mentors to students and nascent entrepreneurs. More info

The Archives (Past Events):

Spring 2017: 2nd Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

[Video Recap]

Bull Ring Final Event
Event Concluded 5/2/17
Photo Gallery
Event Program

Bull Ring Semi-Finals
Event Concluded 4/4/17
Photo Gallery

Fall 2016: 2nd Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

[Video Recap: 2016 Fast Pitch New Venture Competition]

[Photo Gallery: 2016 Fast Pitch New Venture Competition]

[Event Program: 2016 Fast Pitch New Venture Competition]

1st PLACE - $2,000
WEBAPES | Edgar Limon, Arvin Flores, & Jasmine Beeman
WebApes is developing a Smart Script that can be embedded within webpages, considered to be inaccessible, to identify and organize page content allowing the visually impaired to easily navigate through websites.

2nd PLACE - $1,000
SLEEPYHEAD | Steven Van Alen, Martyna Skrodzka, & Jean-Que M
Sleepyhead is an e-commerce sleep startup that sells a memory foam mattress and topper shipped in a large box to your door anywhere in the USA; for every ten we sell, we’ll help a person in need sleep well.

3rd PLACE - $500
FIT US | Carrie Huang, Denise De Sequera, Luis Turcios, & Luke Rimando
Fit Us is developing a free mobile app to help users find workout partners at local fitness centers and or get trained by our affordable personal trainers.

WE-GO | Ferny Arana, Andrew Cohen, Melanie Gordon, & Austin Veal
We-Go is connecting event creators with event participants through a mobile event marketplace to build awareness of on-campus events and conveniently let students be a click-away from attending.

Fall 2016: Art of Innovation Conference

Spring 2016: Inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition

April 26, 2016: Inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition Student Finalist Teams and Distinguished Judges. Read more!

April 7, 2016: Inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition Semi-Finals - Twenty teams were narrowed down to just five through the course of the event.

[Video Recap: 2016 Bull Ring]

[Photo Gallery: 2016 Bull Ring Final Event]

[View/Download 2016 Bull Ring Final Event Program]

[Photo Gallery: 2016 Bull Ring Semi-Final Event]

The inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition kicked off in Spring 2016 with $50K in prize money awarded to student startups. Of the 58 initial applications, 20 were selected to present their ideas at the trade-show style Semi-Finals on April 7th. The field was then narrowed to just five teams, who then competed at the "Shark Tank Meets Matadors" Finals on April 26th. The esteemed panel of judges included David Nazarian (Founder, Nimes Capital), Jeff Marine (CEO, JEM Sportswear & generous prize donor), Zack Schuler (Founder, Cal Net), William Wang (Founder, VIZIO), & Suzi Weiss-Fischmann (Founder, OPI).

1st Place ($25K): Vibe Probiotics -
(2 minute video)
2nd Place ($15K): Take Sessions - (2 minute video)
3rd Place ($5K): EduCode - (2 minute video)

Fall 2015: Inaugural Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

On November 20th, 2015, 6 teams of finalists competed in the Inaugural FastPitch New Venture Competition. The event opened with remarks from Dean of the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, Dr. Kenneth Lord, as well as Entrepreneur-in-Residence of LACI, Kevin Randolph, and was followed by each finalist delivering their 2-minute "Fast Pitch" and judge Q&A's. The event was judged by Kevin Randolph (LACI), Laurelle Johnson (CSUN Alum), and Richard Koffler (CSUN Alum). Ideas ran the gamut from mobile apps, to food and beverage, to social endeavors. It was a historic event, as the first-ever New Venture Competition from the Nazarian College and an exciting indication of things to come.

Finalists of the Inaugural 2015 Fast Pitch Competition

Fall 2015: Startup Workshop Series

Every Tuesday of October 2015, we held a “Startup Workshop” to support and encourage our aspiring student entrepreneurs. The four workshops were collectively meant to prepare students to compete in the Fast Pitch event in November 2015, where students have 2 minutes to pitch their idea live in front of judges for recognition and prize money. The 4th and final installment of the workshop series was held on Tuesday, Oct 27th, with CSUN alum and professional startup coach Laurelle Johnson leading the session. We had 45 students in attendance, and it was a very dynamic event with a short lecture, team breakouts, then about 5 students gave their “Fast Pitch” and received constructive feedback from Laurelle.

Pictures below!



Startup Workshop Series, October 2015