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Fall Semester

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is designed to provide community and initiate meaningful discussions around some of the most innovative industries and cutting-edge technologies in the world today. Entrepreneurs and innovators share their career advice, startup tips, and entrepreneurial journeys as well as where the most exciting opportunities are currently within their respective industries.

Fast Pitch New Venture Competition
Held virtually in the Fall semester, CSUN Fast Pitch is an "elevator pitch" competition where 5 teams of CSUN students, selected as finalists from a competitive field, have three minutes & three slides to pitch their new venture idea to a panel of judges and audience. Each of the student presentations is followed by a 3-5 minute Q&A period from our distinguished panel of judges. The "Fast Pitch" Competition is meant to be a prelude, or training ground, for teams to prepare for the Jeff Marine Bull Ring Competition in the Spring semester. More Info



Spring Semester

Jeff Marine Bull Ring New Venture Competition
The Bull Ring serves as a launchpad for new business ideas from CSUN students across campus. At its core, this competition has been created to promote an “action bias” in our students, a concept of experiential learning that involves building assumptions, testing those assumptions in the market, defining product requirements based on validated assumptions, and adjusting requirements dynamically as the first customers emerge. The competition provides direct mentoring as well as workshops covering the fundamentals of launching and growing a new venture. The inaugural event was Spring 2016.  More Info


Spring 2023: Candid Conversations - Journeys of CSUN Women Entrepreneurs

Fall 2022: 8th Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

November 15th, 2022: CSUN Fast Pitch Competition Finals
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Fall 2022: Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

Spring 2022: 7th Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

Spring 2022: 7th Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

Event Recap


2022 Prize Winners

Grand Prize: $5,000
Ryan Moradpour & An An Chang
Octobit is an online training platform with AI conversational partners created to help users develop and improve professional skills.

2nd Place: $2,500
Mark Ajina, Mickey Obispo & Jesus Garcia
SubmitIt provides a service for instructors that checks for potential plagiarism and saves time by grading students’ code.

3rd Place: $1,500
Ifeanyi Nnaji & Amira Judah
Canmove is developing a platform to connect apartment tenants and homeowners to independent drivers and moving companies.

Audience Choice: $1,000
Daniel Garcia & Vini Bjazevich
Vanzari is a resource for music industry fans and professionals that displays history's biggest selling artist's album sales centrally, beautifully, simply, and free of charge.

2022 Judging Panel

Rick Friedman is the CEO and Founder of NovusGC, a boutique law firm providing business-oriented General Counsel services to startups, innovators and early-stage investors. Rick’s expertise spans venture financing, licensing, commercial transactions and general corporate matters.

Allen Lin is currently the founder of the blockchain startup NeonBase, a provider of Web3 domain names and tools. He is also a seasoned eCommerce entrepreneur, investor, and technology sales and marketing executive.

Raychel Espiritu has over 13 years of experience in media, startups, business development, and digital marketing. Her current role as Venture Outreach Manager at The Alliance for Southern California Innovation has her helping match Seed and Series-A-ready startups with institutional investors.

Cole Christie is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte specializing in the technology industry. He is also a Co-Founder of Silicon Beach Investment Group, a democratized investment fund focused on providing capital and expertise to early-stage startups in Southern California.

Thank you to our 2022 Mentors

Andi Mysza
Avetis Antaplyan
Cesar Montoya
Charles Yacoobian
Danny Stein
Emily Serebryany
John Ko
Kevin Herzberg
Lewis D'Vorkin
Loren West
Marty Stark
Nishit Rathod
Steven Sarfati
Sylvia Martini
Tania Mulry
Tom Regev

Fall 2021: 7th Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

The 7th annual CSUN Fast Pitch New Venture Competition concluded on Nov. 18th, 2021. Congrats to our winners!

Grand Prize: $2,000

Ryan Moradpour & An An Chang
Developed by clinicians for clinicians, Octobit’s individualized virtual training establishes professional interpersonal skills and improves confidence, bit by bit, with real-life practice scenarios and AI-delivered expert feedback.

2nd Place: $1,000 + Audience Choice $500
Green Leather Co.

Van Zellers, Annie Donaldson, Lukas Zelada, & Tanner Sommer
Green Leather Co. is developing a more sustainable handcrafted leather business to combat short lived plastic based leather alternatives by creating high quality products from industry refuse.

3rd Place: $500

Eduardo Macias
TONEY, the original full body toner, helps individuals with limited time and gym accessibility strengthen and tone their body by offering training portability by way of a multifunctional resistance band vest.


Spring 2021: 6th Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

Fall 2020: 6th Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

CSUN Today Article

The 2020 CSUN Fast Pitch New Venture Competition (Virtual Edition) concluded on November 19th. Congrats to our teams!

1ST PLACE (2,000)
Corgi Butt
Caroline Hartley & Christopher Meredith
Don’t let the name fool you - Corgi Butt is an intense tabletop strategy game perfect for new players and veterans alike. Play with family, friends, and friends-to-be!

2ND PLACE ($1,000)
Vanessa Sanchez & Erika Giroux
PowerHealth is a bilingual nutrition app to help young families and individuals obtain nutrition education, recipes, cooking demonstrations, and personalized one-on-one counseling with a registered dietitian.

3RD PLACE ($500)
Inclusive Beauty
Rutha Shah, Nicole Galdamez, Lily Tatevosian, & Kristina Serrano
Inclusive Beauty utilizes an intake quiz and algorithm to provide a clean and allergen-free custom cosmetic foundation to those with skin sensitivities and conditions.

House of Coffee
Alondra Ortega, Loliepop Mena, Nicole Fregozo, & Christian Rodriguez
Our House of Coffee will provide personalized, hand-crafted beverages by utilizing an adaptive software that helps identify customer preferences and increase loyalty.


Spring 2020: 5th Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

2020 Recap



Virtual Bull Ring: Spring 2020

Fall 2019: 5th Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

5th Annual Fast Pitch
New Venture Competition
Event concluded Nov. 19, 2019

Media Release

Photo Gallery

Congrats to the 2019 Fast Pitch Prize Winners:

Nourish | Leanna Merza, Magdah Al Sinaidi, Anh Nguyen, & Christopher Moreno
Nourish is a food waste management company focused on reducing food waste and inequality by helping food establishments deliver their excess food supply to non-profits.

Beegan Bites | Melissa Schwarz, Maya Sparadeo, Devin Dean, & Melissa Padilla
Beegan Bites is an environmentally-friendly snack food brand that uses organic, simple ingredients; it is perfect for those who need a healthy snack on the run or for those who want something sweet without feeling guilty.

Van Robotics | Sean Van Duser, Kyle Keislar, Calvin Castanares, Thomas Parashos, & Shahnam Mirzaei
Van Robotics is developing a biomechatronic exoskeleton to help first responders, police and military reduce stresses on the body by decreasing the metabolic cost for mobility using a smart actuator.

Nourish | Leanna Merza, Magdah Al Sinaidi, Anh Nguyen, & Christopher Moreno
Nourish is a food waste management company focused on reducing food waste and inequality by helping food establishments deliver their excess food supply to non-profits.

Keyream | Timothy Greenfield
Keyream is developing a physical cryptocurrency wallet to help new and current users reduce transactional friction and show off their interest in crypto with a minimalist, customizable keychain tailored to each user’s public address.


Spring 2019: 4th Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

4th Annual Bull Ring
New Venture Competition
Event concluded April 23, 2019
Final Event Program
Photo Gallery (Finals)
Photo Gallery (Semi-Finals)
Media Release

4th Annual CSUN Bull Ring New Venture Competition Final Event - April 23, 2019

Fall 2018: 4th Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

The 4th Annual CSUN Fast Pitch New Venture Competition concluded on November 15th, 2018.

For more information, please see below:

Final Event Program
Photo Gallery
Media Release


1ST PLACE ($2,000)
HORIZON COVERS | Maja Slopiecka
Horizon Covers specializes in producing tough, high-quality, and reusable covers that keep your luggage safe from scratches, dirt, and water during travel.

2ND PLACE ($1,000) + AUDIENCE CHOICE ($500)
MATADOR SOL SAUCE | Eirenel Eclevia, Madeleine Hoeks, Rise Morisato, & Caroline Pak
Matador Sol Sauce aims to increase awareness about high sodium intake in the US and has developed a flavorful, low sodium hot sauce.

3RD PLACE ($500)
| Tyler Valentine
Bookmark is an app that improves retention and graduation rates among college communities by helping students succeed through greater social connections.

Fall 2018: 5th Annual Art of Innovation Conference

The 5th Annual Art of Innovation Conference concluded on November 2nd, 2018.

Photo Gallery
Media Release

Spring 2018: 3rd Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

3rd Annual Bull Ring
New Venture Competition
Final Event Program
Media Release
Photo Gallery (Final Event)
Photo Gallery (Semi-Finals)

Grand Prize ($20,000)
Wheelchair Assist
Mechanical engineering students Steven Meza, Quinn Darrach, Nichta Harabedian, Bashir Tirmizi, Sutichai Savathasuk, et al.
Wheelchair Assist has designed a new type of patient lift device for hospital and rehab center use. This new device combines the functionality of standard patient lifts with the mobility of a wheelchair.

Second Place ($10,000)
Dushan Perera (Master’s Computer Science) & Olen Andoni (University of Nantes, France)
Moontalk is a cryptocurrency community built for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts - exchange market insights, track and share your portfolio, and get the latest news, articles, and coin prices.

Third Place ($5,000)
Campus Runner
Sarah Shapov (Graphic Design), James Tam (Computer Science), Joey Ramirez (Marketing), & Yvette Ravaee (Marketing)
Campus Runner is a community-based platform, where students and faculty can get their food and supplies delivered directly to them. With Campus Runner, students can save time and earn money.

Fall 2017: 3rd Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

The 3rd annual CSUN Fast Pitch Competition concluded on November 14th, 2017.

View Photo Gallery
View Event Program
Media Release

GRAND PRIZE ($2,000)
Dushan Perera (MS Computer Science, CSUN) & Olen Andoni (MS Computer Science, University of Science & Tech - Nantes, France)
Moontalk, a social platform for the cryptocurrency community, enables users to chat live with other investors, exchange market insights, and manage their portfolios.

2ND PLACE ($1,000)
Spicy Matador
Tiffany Eng (MS Nutrition and Dietetics), Alejandra Perez (MS Human Nutrition), & Stephanie Ng (MS Human Nutrition)
Spicy Matador is a delicious salt-free spice blend formulated at CSUN, created for use on all foods, for retail distribution.

3RD PLACE-TIE ($250)
Nikolay Filichkin (Business Law/Marketing) & Zachary Gilman
Stashpak is developing a smell-proof and water-resistant pack with sleek Italian design for the fast-growing cannabis industry.

3RD PLACE-TIE ($250)
Deaf Connect
Akshay Nande (MS Software Engineering), Pratik Ghive (MS Electrical Engineering), & Rahul Rokade (MS Electrical Engineering)
Deaf Connect helps the 300M deaf people across the globe who cannot hear the spoken language, understand and communicate with those who don't know Sign Language.


Spring 2017: 2nd Annual Bull Ring New Venture Competition

[Video Recap]

Bull Ring Final Event
Event Concluded 5/2/17
Photo Gallery
Event Program

Bull Ring Semi-Finals
Event Concluded 4/4/17
Photo Gallery

Grand Prize ($20,000)
Team Members: Steven Van Alen (Business Management) & Martyna Skrodzka
Sleepyhead is an e-commerce sleep startup that sells a memory foam mattress and topper that’s shipped in a box to your door anywhere in the USA. One mattress donated for every ten sold.

2nd Place ($10,000)
Team Members: Muris Mulalic (Psychology) & Wan Song
MyGymPals mobile app and website enables exercise enthusiasts at large to connect with fitness communities for on-demand activities, challenges, and workout buddies.

3rd Place ($5,000)
Germ 3 Solutions
Team Members: Josh Halem (Business Management Major & Entrepreneurship Minor), Deborah Kazel Sipos (Graduate Music Therapy), Jacob Sipos, & Noah Sipos
Germ 3 Solutions’ first product, the Body Substance Isolation (BSI) Sleeve, helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases in medical settings.

Fall 2016: 2nd Annual Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

[Video Recap: 2016 Fast Pitch New Venture Competition]

[Photo Gallery: 2016 Fast Pitch New Venture Competition]

[Event Program: 2016 Fast Pitch New Venture Competition]

1st PLACE - $2,000
WEBAPES | Edgar Limon, Arvin Flores, & Jasmine Beeman
WebApes is developing a Smart Script that can be embedded within webpages, considered to be inaccessible, to identify and organize page content allowing the visually impaired to easily navigate through websites.

2nd PLACE - $1,000
SLEEPYHEAD | Steven Van Alen, Martyna Skrodzka, & Jean-Que M
Sleepyhead is an e-commerce sleep startup that sells a memory foam mattress and topper shipped in a large box to your door anywhere in the USA; for every ten we sell, we’ll help a person in need sleep well.

3rd PLACE - $500
FIT US | Carrie Huang, Denise De Sequera, Luis Turcios, & Luke Rimando
Fit Us is developing a free mobile app to help users find workout partners at local fitness centers and or get trained by our affordable personal trainers.

WE-GO | Ferny Arana, Andrew Cohen, Melanie Gordon, & Austin Veal
We-Go is connecting event creators with event participants through a mobile event marketplace to build awareness of on-campus events and conveniently let students be a click-away from attending.

Fall 2016: 4th Annual Art of Innovation Conference

Spring 2016: Inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition

April 26, 2016: Inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition Student Finalist Teams and Distinguished Judges. Read more!

April 7, 2016: Inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition Semi-Finals - Twenty teams were narrowed down to just five through the course of the event.

[Video Recap: 2016 Bull Ring]

[Photo Gallery: 2016 Bull Ring Final Event]

[View/Download 2016 Bull Ring Final Event Program]

[Photo Gallery: 2016 Bull Ring Semi-Final Event]

The inaugural Bull Ring New Venture Competition kicked off in Spring 2016 with $50K in prize money awarded to student startups. Of the 58 initial applications, 20 were selected to present their ideas at the trade-show style Semi-Finals on April 7th. The field was then narrowed to just five teams, who then competed at the "Shark Tank Meets Matadors" Finals on April 26th. The esteemed panel of judges included David Nazarian (Founder, Nimes Capital), Jeff Marine (CEO, JEM Sportswear & generous prize donor), Zack Schuler (Founder, Cal Net), William Wang (Founder, VIZIO), & Suzi Weiss-Fischmann (Founder, OPI).

1st Place ($25K): Vibe Probiotics

2nd Place ($15K): Take Sessions
3rd Place ($5K): EduCode

Fall 2015: Inaugural Fast Pitch New Venture Competition

On November 20th, 2015, 6 teams of finalists competed in the Inaugural FastPitch New Venture Competition. The event opened with remarks from Dean of the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, Dr. Kenneth Lord, as well as Entrepreneur-in-Residence of LACI, Kevin Randolph, and was followed by each finalist delivering their 2-minute "Fast Pitch" and judge Q&A's. The event was judged by Kevin Randolph (LACI), Laurelle Johnson (CSUN Alum), and Richard Koffler (CSUN Alum). Ideas ran the gamut from mobile apps, to food and beverage, to social endeavors. It was a historic event, as the first-ever New Venture Competition from the Nazarian College and an exciting indication of things to come.

Finalists of the Inaugural 2015 Fast Pitch Competition

Fall 2015: Inaugural Startup Workshop Series

Every Tuesday of October 2015, we held a “Startup Workshop” to support and encourage our aspiring student entrepreneurs. The four workshops were collectively meant to prepare students to compete in the Fast Pitch event in November 2015, where students have 2 minutes to pitch their idea live in front of judges for recognition and prize money. The 4th and final installment of the workshop series was held on Tuesday, Oct 27th, with CSUN alum and professional startup coach Laurelle Johnson leading the session. We had 45 students in attendance, and it was a very dynamic event with a short lecture, team breakouts, then about 5 students gave their “Fast Pitch” and received constructive feedback from Laurelle.

Pictures below!



Startup Workshop Series, October 2015

Fall 2015: 3rd Annual Art of Innovation Conference