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Minor in Entrepreneurship

Open to all majors! Gain the knowledge, skills and experiences to:

  • Develop a more innovative, action-oriented mindset
  • Launch new initiatives in your career
  • Work as a consultant
  • Start and operate a business


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Get Ready

Check out the requirements:

  • Introductory Core – waived for AY 2020-2021
  • Upper Division Courses
  • BUS310 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • BUS410 Business Development and Operation for Entrepreneurs
  • Choose three units or more units from a basket of experiential courses:
  • BUS 491CS Small Business Consulting, IS 497E Technology Start-up Entrepreneurship, MGT 498AE-CE Internship Management, MSE 402 Engineering Project Management
  • More selections being added in AY 2021-2022


Get Set

  • Confirm that the class times will work
  • Get a permission number from Professor Lois Shelton to get the Introductory Core waived


  • Enroll via Solar!!


Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Dr. Lois Shelton

Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Professor Lois Shelton led the charge in creating the revamped entrepreneurship curriculum within the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. She sees a future in which CSUN is truly a magnet for entrepreneurs.

But why does entrepreneurship matter? “It provides you with a new way of thinking,” Shelton said. “Whether it’s a new business or a new initiative within an existing business, it gives you the skills to look beyond what is and to see what can be. We don’t want our students to be passive responders to change — we want them to have the tools to create and master the future.”

Concentration in Entrepreneurship (MBA)

The David Nazarian Graduate Programs in Business offers an experiential Concentration in Entrepreneurship as part of their MBA program. The program includes a broad set of courses that provide targeted classroom training and experiential, hands-on learning that immerses students in the four pillars of successful entrepreneurship: personal integrity, the idea, team and execution, and serendipity. Under faculty advisement, students conduct challenging consulting projects for local small-business owners and entrepreneurs, leverage new technologies that spark innovation, and apply structure and experimentation to the project-planning process.

BUS 310: Final Pitch Event

The BUS310 Foundations of Entrepreneurship class taught by Professor Lois Shelton holds an annual Fast Pitch Competition as its culminating class activity. Eight student teams pitch original business concepts to a panel of prominent entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders. See photos below!