Employee Wellbeing

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides confidential services at no cost for California State University, Northridge Faculty and Staff.

Most people who contact the Employee Assistance Program are looking for options or resources that will help them resolve a problem in their personal or work life. We have found that employees value having access to resources, education, guidance and opportunities to talk with knowledgeable people about issues that are impacting their lives.

Work performance, productivity, creativity, and morale markedly improve when an employee is assisted in dealing with a difficult issue they are facing. Brief intervention and the proper resources can revitalize an individual’s true potential at work and at home, and sustain an individual who is working towards resolution of a problem.

How do I access the Employee Enrichment & Support Services Program?

  • California State University, Northridge encourages its management staff to recommend the Employee Assistance Program services offered through LifeMatters to any Faculty or Staff member who might benefit from these services.

  • For More information, visit our EAP/LifeMatters page at: http://www.csun.edu/benefits/lifematters-eap

  • For Direct Assistance (Free & Confidential) Call LifeMatters at 1-800-367-7474; or log on to: www.mylifematters.com. If you need the LifeMatters password, please log into the CSUN Portal here.

Please Note: All services offered by the Employee Assistance Program are entirely voluntary and strictly confidential.