Employee Wellbeing

CSUN Presidential Award


The CSUN Presidential Award is presented to a staff member who demonstrates consistently outstanding performance and who serves as a role model for others by living the values of the University. The successful nominee represents top performers at the University.


Nominations must provide specific examples of how the nominee achieves each of the following:

  1. Sustained outstanding performance over a significant period of time

  2. Serves as a role model for other people by living the values of the University

  3. Contributes to the improvement of existing processes or the development of new ones, which results in significant, demonstrable progress towards achievement of the University mission, values, and vision

  4. Engagement with and dedication to the University by significant and successful involvement in campus initiatives and community activities guided by and aligned with the mission, values and vision of the University


Recipients will be regular full, or part-time staff, including permanent or long-term temps of the University including Auxiliaries. Nominees must have completed a minimum of three years of staff service.


Presidential Award recipient will receive a $500 award and a commemorative gift. They will be honored at the Annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence event.


View the Staff Service Awards & Recognition of Excellence Awards Home Page to access the current Nomination Form and view deadline information.