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CSUN Alumni Engagement Award


Sponsored by the CSUN Alumni Association, the Alumni Engagement Award is presented to a staff, faculty, or administrator whose efforts, ideas, interactions, initiatives or communications result in greater alumni engagement and/or deeper alumni connectedness with the university.

A successful honoree has demonstrated creativity, purposefulness and commitment to improving the inter-connectedness of alumni-to-alumni, alumni-to-students, alumni-to-employees or alumni to the University.

Through the CSUN Alumni Engagement Award, the Alumni Association expresses its appreciation to an individual who does the important work of strengthening and building relationships with alumni. It focuses attention on outstanding persons and their accomplishments, but also on the vital relationship between employees and alumni in promoting the mission of the University.


Nominations must provide specific examples of how the nominee has achieved the following:

  • Successfully integrated alumni, or the work of alumni, into classroom or departmental initiatives, programs, processes or communications, which enhanced the student or staff experience and encouraged greater alumni connectedness to CSUN.


Recipients will be a regular full- or part-time staff member, faculty, or administrator of the university, outside of the division of University Relations and Advancement, with a minimum of one year of service. The recipient need not be an alumna or alumnus of the University.


Alumni Engagement Award recipients will receive a $300 cash award from the CSUN Alumni Association and a commemorative award. They will be honored at the annual Staff Services and Recognition of Excellence event.


View the Staff Service Awards & Recognition of Excellence Awards Home Page to access the current Nomination Form and view deadline information.