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2022 Staff Service Awards

The 2022 Staff Service & Recognition of Excellence Awards Event:

Planning is currently underway for the 56th Annual CSUN Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence Awards Event to take place on Thursday, July 7, 2022, from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. Watch this page and HR News for more information. 

View the live stream via Zoom, by clicking on the image below:

Staff Service Awards:

Each year, the University honors staff, managers and auxiliary employees on their 5, 10, 15, and other five year service increments.  At the 2022 event, we will honor nearly 295 employees for collectively providing more than 3,200 years of service to the University!

You can view a listing of Employees Tentatively Scheduled to Be Recognized for Their Years of Service to the University at this Year's Event here.

If you believe that your name should be on the list, but it is not, or your name is on the list and you believe it should not be, please submit the Staff Service Award Honoree List Inquiry Form or contact Heather Kennedy at Heather.Kennedy @csun.edu, as soon as possible, and no later than May 6, 2022.

Recognition of Excellence Awards:

The University has created programs to recognize the outstanding contributions of staff and administrators. Awards include the Presidential Award, Award of Merit, Jolene Koester Team Award, the Alumni Relations Award, the Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award, the CSUN Student Assistant Award, the CSUN Leadership Award, the CSUN Community Engaged Staff Award, and new this year, the CSUN Sustainability Award. The recipients of these awards are also recognized at the annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence Awards ceremony.

All staff and faculty are invited and eligible to submit nominations. Please keep in mind that the nomination form and the quality of that nomination serve as the basis for selection of the recipient(s). If you are not the nominee's direct supervisor, please consider sharing with the nominee's supervisor, that you have submitted a nomination.

Nomination Forms for 2022 Awards must be submitted by 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 29, 2022.


1. CSUN PRESIDENTIAL AWARD:  The CSUN Presidential Award is granted annually to a staff member who sustains consistent, outstanding performance and demonstrates the values of the University. The staff member has exhibited a commitment to connect his/her work with the campus seven planning priorities.

2. CSUN AWARD OF MERIT:  The CSUN Award of Merit is presented to employees who exemplify exceptional performance and demonstrate integrity and service to the University community.

3. JOLENE KOESTER TEAM AWARD:  The Jolene Koester Team Award is presented to a team of university employees who collaborate on a project, process, or other significant initiative that brings about radical, positive change that improves performance or productivity and/or reduces costs or enhances the image of the University.

4. CSUN ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT AWARD:  The Alumni Engagement Award is presented to a staff member, faculty, or administrator whose efforts, ideas, interactions, initiatives or communications result in greater alumni engagement and/or deeper alumni connectedness with the university.

5. EXCELLENCE In DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AWARD:  The Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award is presented to an employee who exemplifies through leadership and positive interactions with others, a commitment to the spirit of diversity and a profound respect for all people from different backgrounds, life experiences, learning styles, and points of view within the University community.

6. CSUN STUDENT ASSISTANT OF THE YEAR AWARD:  The CSUN Student Assistant of the Year Award is granted annually to one student employee in a Student Assistant classification, who demonstrates exceptional contributions to their department by their outstanding skill-set, professionalism and quality of work and service to the University community.

7. CSUN LEADERSHIP AWARD:  The CSUN Leadership Award is granted annually to an Administrator who sustains consistent and outstanding demonstration of the Leadership Principles.  The Administrator has exhibited a commitment to connect his/her work with the campus's eight planning priorities.

8. CSUN COMMUNITY ENGAGED STAFF AWARD:  The CSUN Community Engaged Staff Award is presented to a staff member or administrator whose efforts created greater collaboration between CSUN and our larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) in order to contribute to the public good. 

9. CSUN Sustainability Award: The CSUN Sustainability Award is presented to an employee who goes above and beyond their work duties to support CSUN’s Sustainability Priority. The recipient embodies what it means to be a sustainable Matador through the implementation of operational, business, educational and/or behavioral changes. The successful honoree demonstrates passion, creativity and commitment to improve sustainability at CSUN.