Employee Wellbeing

2020 CSUN Jolene Koester Team Award Nomination Form

The Jolene Koester Team Award is bestowed to a team of staff members and/or administrators who collaborated on a project, process, or other significant initiative that was completed and/or implemented, and that brings about radical, positive change that improves performance or productivity and/or reduces costs or enhances the image of the University.


Teams must consist of a minimum of three individuals. Membership can constitute a work group or departmental unit, or be cross-departmental or cross-divisional.


Nominations must provide specific examples of how the nominated team and their project has achieved the following:

  1. Advances the University mission.

  2. Consisted of clear goals and created distinctive results/solutions that improve performance or productivity, and/or reduces costs, or enhances the image of the University.

  3. Created a team environment of successful collaborative relationships that promoted communication, trust, and respect for differences.


Please provide information pertaining to the Team nominated, You (the Nominator), and the Team Leaders and Team Members.

It is recommended that you use the preview of the nomination form provided on the Staff Service Awards page to prepare your responses so that you may paste them into the form in one sitting.

After you successfully submit your nomination, you will receive an email with which you can view and print a copy of your nomination.  If you do not receive an email, you have not successfully submitted your nomination.

The nomination must be complete and received by Noon, Thursday, March 12, 2020.

List each member and respective department on a new line. Example: Beatrice Adams, Beatrice.Adams@csun.edu, Mechanical Engineering Darwin Matters, Darwin.Matters@csun.edu, Police Services Arnold Smith, Arnold.Smith@csun.edu, Nursing. Consider formatting in Excel and pasting