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2020 CSUN Award of Merit Nomination Form

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An Award of Merit is bestowed to a staff member member who demonstrates exceptional performance and integrity in service to the University community.  A maximum of three awards are provided.  


Regular full, or part-time staff, including permanent or long-term temps of the University.  Nominees must have completed a minimum of two years of staff service.


Nominations must provide specific examples of how the nominee has achieved each of the following:

  1. Sustained outstanding performance above and beyond the normal scope of their work duties over a significant period of time; top performer.

  2. Contribution to the improvement of existing processes or the development of new ones, which results in significant productivity gains and/or cost savings to a department, division, or the University.

  3. Engagement to the University and/or service to others, through successful involvement in initiatives aligned with department, divisional goals or the University mission and planning priorities.


Please provide information pertaining to the Nominee.  You (the Nominator), and the Nominee's Supervisor.

It is recommended that you use the preview of the nomination form provided on the Staff Service Awards page to prepare your responses so that you may paste them into the form in one sitting.

After you successfully submit your nomination, you will receive an email with which you can view and print a copy of your nomination. If you do not receive an email, you have not successfully submitted your nomination.

The nomination must be complete and received by Noon, March 12, 2020.