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Transfer Courses

If you are transferring in coursework from another institution, it is your responsibility to:

Students who wish to ask for transfer credit for work taken at other colleges and universities should follow these procedures:

  1. Send your transcripts to Admissions and Records. Only courses for which a grade of C or better was earned may be considered for transfer credit into the major.

  2. After Admissions and Records has evaluated your transcripts and entered your coursework onto the DARS report, get a copy of your DARS report.

  3. All courses that are eligible for transfer credit to CSUN will be listed on your DARS report. Courses that have been articulated (i.e., pre-approved for transfer credit) with the community colleges will automatically be counted for transfer credit into the major, provided you have a C or better in the course. In this case, you need to take no further action. (See for a list of community college articulated courses). However, there may be some courses on your DARS report which did not map into major courses and for which you would like transfer credit. If that is the case, go to Step 4.


  4. To request transfer credit into the major for non-articulated courses, collect together supporting course materials (items 5a - 5d below) and complete a course substitution/waiver request form (obtainable from A&R, department offices or EA 2101). It is recommended that you go to
    EA 2101 for assistance in this process.
  5. Take the following documents to the department office of your major for approval
    a. the completed course substitution / waiver request form,
    b. a copy of your DARS report showing the transfer course
    c. a catalog description of the course to be transferred
    d. course syllabuses, course outlines and any supplemental material
    (including textbook if available) that shows what was covered in the course.
  6. After the department office reviews the transfer credit request, you will be notified if the request was approved or denied. You will not need to take any further action unless contacted by the department office.

For help with this process, students may go to the Advisement Center (EA 2101)