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News 2011 October 28

SHPE National Design Competition

Winner's Picture

October 28, 2011 - SHPE Competition
Left to Right back row:
Eliud Munguia
Ana Avelar
Melissa Martinez
Jonathan GJemso
Michael Marchesian
Andres Lopez
Evangelina Garcia
Front Row:
SHPE Professional Chapter Judges
Dear colleagues
I am delighted to share with you the good news about the performance of our students at the national SHPE design competition in Anaheim on Friday.
First Place: "Bench Press Power Generator" Team Members: Andres Lopez, Jonathan GJemso, Evangelina Garcia and Michael Marchesian
Second Place: "Powered Footwear" Team Members: Ana Avelar, Eliud Munguia, Melissa Martinez
Attached is a photo of the two teams and the judges. The three on the left are the second place team and the four on the right are the first place team. The judges are in the first row.
Congratulations to all the students involved and their faculty advisors and mentors and to Prof. Tarek Shraibati, the SHPE Chapter Faculty Advisor. The first place team was advised by Prof. Stewart Prince (Mechanical Engineering) and Prof. Preminger (Physics). The second place team was advised by Profs. Sharlene Katz and James Flynn (Electrical and Computer Engineering).
You can find more information about the competition at:
The theme of this year’s SHPE Design competition was ‘Living Green’. Student teams from across the country submit an abstract of their design and a design concept paper in accordance with the contest guidelines. Based on a review by a panel of judges from industry, government and academia, the top ten teams are selected to participate in the event at the annual conference where they demonstrate their products and make an oral technical presentation. The design, based on the theme, must be a commercially marketable product that has both a unique social benefit and improves the quality of life, especially for the Hispanic communities. This design should not be a duplicate of a currently existing commercial product; however, it may be an improvement to an available commercial product. The design should be creative, and demonstrate technical merit.
The first place winners receive a scholarship award of $ 3,000 and the second place winners receive $ 2,500. In addition the SHPE foundation will provide up to $ 5,000 to the winning team to patent their product if they choose to do so. It is noteworthy that four students from our Mechanical Engineering department took first place in the 2009 national competition in 2009 with their floating cabinet entry.
We are really proud of these students and their accomplishments and look forward to supporting more students to succeed in the years ahead with the recent Department of Education HSI-STEM grant that we received.
Best wishes,
S. K. Ramesh, Ph.D.,