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News 2011 May 14

ME Students excel in 2011 Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) competition

HPV group Picture

Please join me in congratulating Prof. Bob Ryan and our outstanding student team from Mechanical Engineering for their excellent performance over the weekend of May 14th at the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Western area competition in Bozeman, Montana. The team won first place in the design event and second place overall in the speed class, which is the highest that a CSUN team has placed in this national competition.

The detailed results:

1st Place Design Event: We received a score of 70.5 points out of a possible 105 for the design report we submitted. Our report was among the highest scoring reports in the whole competition.

2nd Place Women's Sprint Event with a maximum speed of 24 mph. Montana State University came in 1st place for this event.

2nd Place Men's Sprint Event with an impressive maximum speed of 32 mph. Montana State University also took first place in this event.

2nd Place Endurance Speed Event: We needed to win this event in order to win first place over Montana State. It was a hard fought and extremely close race. We lost by only 1 lap. Our team completed 35 laps (approx 35 miles in 2.5 hours). Even though we didn't win, we still did extremely well and it was an exciting race to watch.

2nd Place Overall Speed Class: This is the highest CSUN has ever placed in an HPV competition. Montana State won 1st place.

The students on the HPV team are: Osvaldo Arvizu, Elie Attarian, Jesshaim Bradshaw, Joseph Brinson , Michael Capellan, Steve Chenevert, Michael Dahme , David Frye, Armando Gonzalez, Elizabeth Hernandez, Mitchell Johnson, Siavash Kademi, Kaitlin Kirk, Justin Larson, Michael Lusk, Mohamed Mohsen, Bryan Pavell, John Pinpin, Maria Segura, and Nicholas Silveri

This is a testament to their hard work and determination and reflects very well on the quality of our academic programs. Great job team! We are really proud of you.

S. K. Ramesh,