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News 2008

08.27.2008 August College News

  • Hamid Johari, Applications of Hydrofoils with Leader Edge Protuberances, Office of Naval Research, $70,000, August 2008.

International Unmanned Aerial Robotics Competition : July 27 - August 2, Fort Benning, GA
ECE Student Team won $ 2,200 prize
David Athans, Chris Edmiston, Rhema Bailey, Amin Rashidian, Franco Mikhailidis, Jesus Lopez, Grigor Badalyan
Faculty Advisor: Ashley Geng

07.28.2008 July College News

  • Sharlene Katz, Software Defined Radio (SDR) Projects, Edwards AFB/Kenexa, $10,000, July 2008

2008 Mac Short Competition, Pomona, 3rd Place: The presentation was a single wing aero design using carbon graphite molded honeycomb manufacturing for rigidity. The control package was modular for ease of modification and repair. This prototype design incorporated autonomous flight control components.

06.01.2008 June College News

  • Hamid Johari, XR-50 Engine Performance Testing , Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, $7,606, June 2008
  • Bruno Osorno, Protective Relaying Laboratory , Southern California Edison,$28,000, June 2008
  • Hamid Johari, GUI for Multiple PWR Analysis Tools, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, $22,000, June 2008

IEEE Region 6 Southern Area Competition
Luis Carbajo, 'Electric Bicycle', First place, Student Paper Contest
Advisor: Bruno Osorn

Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition: June 2008, Michigan
NorMAN (Northridge Mobile Autonomous Navigator) took 4th place out of 47 vehicles in the Design Challenge in the 16th IGVC in June 2008. LinBot hit a record 5 (out of 8 total) waypoints, which was only limited by the time constraint during the Navigation Challenge. LinBot was also the first robot at the competition to successfully demonstrate JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned Sysytems) Challenge level 2 compliance this year earning the additional $500.
C. T. Lin, Faculty Advisor

05.25.2008 May College News

  • Shan Barkataki, Course Redesign to Introduce WEB 2.0 and RICH Technology, Judge Julian Beck Grant,$4,872, May 2008
  • Hamid Johari, Performance of Hydrofoils with Leading Edge Protuberances, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, $12 K, March 2008
  • Nhut Ho, Establishing a CDIO Framework to Improve Learning and Retention in a Diverse Undergraduate Engineering Student Population , National Science Foundation, $ 150 K, April 2008
  • Hamid Johari, Aerodynamic Performance of High Glide Ram-Air Parachutes, Department of the Army, $40 K, April 2008
  • George Wang, Bob Lingard, and Diane Schwartz, "Assessing Student Learning in Software Engineering", CCSC Southwestern Region Conference, April 18-19, 2008, CSUN

CSUN hosted the inaugural FIRST VEX Bridge Battle World Championship on May 2-3, 2008
Thanks to the efforts of Tarek Shraibati

04.25.2008 April News

2008 ASME Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Competition
Bob Ryan and his team placed 6th overall among the 36 schools that participated in the competition. We came in only behind Cal Poly SLO (4th place) among the California schools that participated.
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Robert Ryan

02.25.2008 February College News

Tech Fest 2008 on February 11th
  • 49 Companies
  • 20 Informational Sessions/Breakouts
  • 600 Students

The 53rd annual San Fernando Valley Engineers Council banquet recognized three outstanding CECS faculty members for their contributions:


"John J. Guarrera Engineering Educator of the Year Award"
Behzad Bavarian

"William Johnson Founders Award"
Sharlene Katz


Cecile Bendavid, 2008 California Woman of the Year Award, Presented by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, 40th Assembly District, Sacramento, March 10, 2008.

Matthew Radmanesh, RF & Microwave Design Essentials, AuthorHouse Publishing Company, 2007.

Ron Mehler, Development of computer controlled equipment for live theater, Xilinx Corporation and CSUN Theater Department, Jan 2008.

Ashley Geng, Collaborative Research: Gaming and Interactive Visualization for Education, NSF Grant, $ 30,088, Feb 2008.

01.12.2008 January College News

Meeting with Principals of LAUSD - January 17th
  • Xiyi Hang, 2008-09 Research Fellow in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, "A New Machine Learning Algorithm for Cancer Diagnosis using Gene Expression Data". 12 WTU reassigned time, plus $ 5K for project expenses.
  • Sharlene Katz, "Software Designed Radio Projects", Edwards Air Force Base Design Clinic, $ 10 K
  • Ben Mallard and George Wang, Faculty Grant to attend the CSUPERB meeting in Oakland, Jan 11-13, 2008.
  • C. T. Lin, Appointed to Faculty Consensus Group of CSUPERB
  • Mohamed Hegab, Project Management Professional Certification, January 2008