Mechanical Engineering

Permission Number/Wait LIst Request Form - Summer 2020

This form should be used by students requesting permission numbers for the following errors:

  • Department Consent: Classes that are listed as "department consent required"
  • Requisite Errors: If the error message "requirements are not met for this class" is given when registering

Permission numbers do not override the below errors:

  • Exception Requests: Requests to enroll in a class without meeting requirements should be emailed to the Office Manager
  • Extra Unit Requests: Requests for extra units may only be considered using the "Extra Unit Authorization" form
  • Missing Transcripts: Department policyrequires that all courses taken off campus be present on your DPR (even those currently in progress.) If you wish to request a class with missing transcripts for a requisite requirement, it should be treated as an exception.
  • Time Conflicts: Time conflict errors may only be considered using the "Time Conflict Enrollment Petition"


Include your preferred email, as all responses will be sent to the address provided.
Course Requested
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