Mechanical Engineering

Permission Number Requests: Summer 2021

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Submissions for this form are closed.

This form is not required to enroll in all classes, and should be used for the following scenarios:

  • Department Consent - Classes marked as "department consent" require a permission number for registration
  • Pre-Requisite & Co-Requisite Errors - If when registering for a class, you are given an error message saying requirements have not been met

Permission numbers do no correct the below registration errors.  If you encounter one of these errors, follow the link for information on how to correct the error:

  • Exception Requests - If you have not completed one (or more) of the pre-requisite requirements for a class, approval  from the Department Chair is required in order to receive a permission number.
    • These requests should be submitted to the Office Manager via email, with a statement explaining why the exception is being requested
  • Extra Unit Requests - If registering for a class will take you beyond your unit cap for the semester, an Extra Unit Authorization request will be required
  • Missing Transcripts - Department policy requires that all transfer coursework be present on your CSUN record (including "in progress classes") to be considered as part of your program.  
    • Missing transcripts should be sent to Admissions and Records for processing
  • Unarticulated Courses - If a course you have taken does not give you credit in your program, a course substitution evaluation must be submitted to have the class reviewed for equivalency.
    • A copy of the syllabus for the course to be reviewed should be emailed to the Department Office for processing
  • Time Conflicts - If there is a time overlap between one or more classes (even by 1 minute) a Time Conflict request will be required