Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Design Center

ME Design Center

The Mechanical Engineering Design Center supports the computational needs of students taking upper division (300, 400, 500 level) courses in Mechanical Engineering and provides a focused working environment for group activities. This 3000 square foot facility has three distinct areas - a high-end computational cluster of 16 PC workstations, a cluster of 24 networked PC workstations, and a group study area.

The laboratory is equipped to support traditional engineering design activities. The computers are networked and administered by the College IS office. The 24 PC workstation cluster supports MS Office, modest CAD, and less computationally intensive applications. The high-end PC cluster of workstations supports the more demanding applications including solid modeling, finite element analyses, large scale dynamic simulations and computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. Students with access to the high-end cluster have individual z-drives on the server, and where appropriate, group-access directories to support projects, especially senior design projects. All PCs operate under Windows XP; available software comprises the complete MS-Office suite, SolidWorks suite including CosmosWorks and CosmosMotion, Fluent, and Matlab.

Lab Hours: Fall 2022
Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday: Closed (Classes in Session)
Sunday: Closed