Mechanical Engineering


What degree programs are offered in the Mechanical Engineering department?

There are two degree programs offered within the department of Mechanical Engineering:

Is the Mechanical Engineering Program at CSUN Accredited?

The undergraduate degree program (B.S., Mechanical Engineering) is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.  

How do I request a permission number to enroll in an ME or AE course?

Please contact the course instructor to request a permission number. If a course instructor is listed as "staff", please use the online request form available during registration periods on the main department page to request a permission number.

How can I request access to labs within the Mechanical Engineering department?

Due to campus COVID regulations, departmental lab spaces are locked, and are not accessible for student use at this time.
Click here for a list of lab spaces in the Mechanical Engineering department.

How can I find contact information for my advisor, or Professor?

For information on advisement, you can visit our Academic Advising page.  This page will provide a matrix on how to determine the appropriate area for advisement (based on your program), as well as contact information.

Contact information for Mechanical Engineering faculty members can be found on the Faculty and Staff link.

What are office hours and contact information for the ME Department office?

Current contact information can be found on our homepage.