Mechanical Engineering

Exception Request Form: Spring 2019

Warning message

Submissions for this form are closed.
Exception Request for classes in Spring 2019.  Any exception granted will be valid ONLY for the Spring 2019 semester.  Requests for any subsequent semester must be resubmitted for review.
When to request an exception:
  • You have not completed one more more requisite requirements for a course, and have 30 units or less to complete in your program.
  • You are currently taking a course off campus that is not articulated
    • Note that all courses must be present on your DPR to be considered a formal part of your program.  Official transcripts must be supplied to Admissions and Records to have the course applied to your DPR.  Unofficial copies supplied to the department are not considered.
  • You are currently taking a course in Fall 2018 (either at CSUN or off campus) that you will not pass with the minimum grade requirement ("C-" for CSUN coursework, or a "C" for off campus coursework)
Exceptions may be submitted for any ME class offered in Spring 2019 (including Senior Design).