Mechanical Engineering

Exception Request Form

Exception Request for classes in Spring 2021. 

Any exception granted will be valid ONLY for the Spring 2021 semester.  Requests for any subsequent semester must be resubmitted for review during that registration period.


When to request an exception:

  • You have not completed one more more requirements for a course, and have 30 units or less to complete in your program.

  • You are currently taking a course off campus that is not articulated

    • Note: Per department policy, all courses must be present on your DPR to be considered a formal part of your program.  Official transcripts must be supplied to Admissions and Records to have the course applied to your record.

      • Unofficial copies supplied to the department are not considered.

  • You are currently taking a course in Fall 2020 (either at CSUN or off campus) that you will not pass with the minimum grade requirement ("C-" for CSUN coursework, or a "C" for off campus coursework)

Last Name
First Name
9 Digit Student ID Number.
Preferred email address. The address provided on the form will be used to communicate any final decision, so please be sure it is accurate.
Course Requested
ME 101/L Requirements
Prerequisites: Math 102, or Math 104, or Math 105 (must have a passing grade); or Math 150A, or Math 150B (enrolled in Spring 2021 or passing grade)
ME 186/L Requirements
Prerequisites: Math 102, or Math 104, or Math 105 (with a passing grade), or Math 150A, or Math 150B (enrollment in Spring 2021 or passing grade); ME 101/L
ME 209 Requirements
Corequisites: Math 150A
ME 280 Requirements
Prerequisites: Math 150B
ME 286 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 186/L Corequisites: MSE 227
ME 309 Requirements
Prerequisites: Math 150B, ME 209 (COMP 106/L for CS majors, ECE 206/L for ECE Majors, CE 280/L for CEAM majors)
ME 330 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 286, CE 340, MSE 227
ME 335/L Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 209, Phys 220B
ME 370 Requirements
Prerequisites: CHEM 101/L, Math 250, Phys 220A/L
ME 375 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 280 or Math 280 (ECE 280 for ECE Majors), PHYS 220A/L, ME 370
ME 376 Requirements
Prerequisites: Math 280 or ME 280 or ECE 280, Phys 220A/L
ME 384 Requirements
Prerequisites: AM 316, ECE 240/L Corequisites: ME 390
ME 386/L Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 286 Corequisites: ME 330
ME 390 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 370, Math 250, Phys 220A/L
ME 430 Requirements
Pre-requisites: ME 330, CE 340
ME 434 Requirements
Pre-Requisite: ME 330
ME 435/L Requisite Requirements
ME 435/L Pre-Requisite Requirements: ECE 240/L, ME 335/L ME 435 Co-Requisite Requirement: ME 435L ME 435L Co-Requisite Requirement: ME 435
ME 436/L Requisite Requirements
ME 436/L Pre-Requisite Requirements: ME 330, ME 386/L
ME 462 Requirements
Pre-Requisites: ME 330, ME 370 Recommended Co-Requisite: ME 470 (not required)
ME 476 Requirements
Pre-Requisites: ME 375, ME 390, ME 280 (or Math 280, or ECE 280)
ME 483 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 375, ME 390, MSE 304
ME 484/L Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 384 Corequisites: ME 484 and ME 484L must be taken concurrently
ME 485 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 370
ME 486A Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 309, ME 330 Corequisites: ME 386/L (or passing grade in prior semester)
ME 486B Requirements
Prerequisite: ME 486A
ME 491 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 335/L, ME 370, ME 375, ME 390
ME 493 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 390
ME 501A Requirements
Prerequisites: Senior Standing for Undergraduate students (completion or in progress status of all 100, 200, and 300 level coursework), or Graduate student standing
ME 515 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 415 Recommended Corequisites: ME 501A (not required)
ME 530 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 330
ME 575 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 375
ME 593 Requirements
Undergraduate Prerequisites: Senior level standing in the program (all 100, 200, and 300 level courses must be completed or in progress) Graduate Prerequisites: Background equivalent to a 2-semester undergraduate course in Fluid Mechanics. Corequisite Requirements: ME 501A or ME 501B
ME 595SMS Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 330, ME 386
ME 630 Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 330, ME 415 Not available for undergraduate credit
ME 675B Requirements
Prerequisites: ME 575, ME 590, ME 501B Not available for undergraduate credit
Prerequisites: ME 370, ME 390
Statement explaining why exception is being requested.