Mechanical Engineering

Deparment Wait List FAQ

(for FAQ’s about SOLAR wait lists, click here)


1.  When should I use a department wait list?

During regular semesters when you wish to enroll in a full combined lecture/lab course.  During summer sessions, for all full classes.

2.  How do department wait lists work?

When a space opens in a class, we email the person at the top of the list.  The student has a limited time to reply and use the permission number(s). If they do not do this within the time limits, the next person on the list is offered the seat.

3.  I see an open seat in a class I’m wait listed in.  Why can’t I register in it?

You need to wait for an email from the department.  The first person on the wait list has been contacted.  They have a limited time to enroll in the class.  Until then, the seat will remain open on SOLAR.  It is not available to you unless you’ve been contacted by the ME department.

4.  Why can’t I wait list on SOLAR for lecture/lab classes?

Because SOLAR cannot handle wait listing for two connected classes. It would continually error out upon trying to register you if you were not registered in the corequisite course.

5.  Is this the same thing as the SOLAR wait list?

No.  Department wait lists are kept manually in the department and are not viewable in SOLAR.

6.  How many units can I wait list for on department wait lists?

Unlimited.  The wait listed courses will not count towards your SOLAR maximum wait list units and will not appear on your Portal.

7.  I really need this class.  How many sections of a class can I wait list for?

You can wait list for any and all FULL sections.  Each section will have a separate wait list, and you will only be contacted regarding the specific sections for which you have wait listed.

8.  I have a time conflict with my preferred class; can I still wait list?

Yes.  If and when you reach the top of the wait list, you will be offered a seat regardless of the conflict.  Automatic SOLAR wait lists would skip you if you have a time conflict, but since department wait lists are run by human beings, we like to offer you a choice.