Mechanical Engineering

Course Substitution / Pre-Approval Policy

Course Substituion Policy

Effective May 19, 2014, the Mechanical Engineering Department at CSUN only accepts course substitution requests from matriculated students (those enrolled in a CSUN degree program) who must repeat a course after their third attempt at CSUN, or in cases where the student has exhausted his/her grade forgiveness and averaging units.

Mechanical Engineering majors may take lower division, articulated courses at colleges offering such courses without the need for pre-approval. Course substitution forms are not required for articulated courses as these classes will be automatically incorporated into the student's record after an official transcript is provided to and processed by the Office of Admissions and Records. For a list of articulated courses, visit

This policy supersedes the College of Engineering and Computer Science pre-approval requirement.

Course Substitutions/Updating your DPR

The Mechanical Engineering department policy requires that prerequisite courses appear on a student’s Degree Progress Report (DPR) with a passing grade prior to a student being able to enroll in the subsequent courses. A course that is not articulated with CSUN courses requires prior approval and the submission of a detailed syllabus for the determination of whether such course could be substituted on a student’s DPR.
*Transfer coursework requires a grade of "C" or higher in order to be used as part of the BSME program.
**In order to have your DPR updated with coursework you have taken off campus (even those that are currently in progress), official transcripts should be turned in to the office of Admissions and Records for processing.
**A list of articulated (pre-approved) coursework can be found at  If a class is not listed on this website, it will require pre-approval from the Department Chair before the class can be used as part of your program.  See section regarding Course Substitution Pre-Approvals in this drop down menu.

Course Substitution Pre-Approval Procedure

If you are interested in taking coursework off campus which is not articulated, you will need to have pre-approval from the Department Chair before it can be used as part the BSME program. 
To have the class reviewed, an email should be submitted to with a copy of the class syllabus as a PDF attachment.  The body of the email should include your name, your 9 digit CSUN ID number, as well as what class you are requesting pre-approval for. 
All pre-approvals and course substitutions are made on a case by case basis, and all decisions are made by the Department Chair.  Office staff does not have a list of pre-approved courses that can be used for credit.