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This plane was manufactured using composite parts by the Aero Senior Design Team (2016-17)



CSUN’s 2016-2017 Human Powered Vehicle, named the Deadliest Khach, was designed to be a lightweight, efficient, and effective mode of transportation, while keeping both rider and bystander safe. Deadliest Khach is a three-wheeled semi-recumbent vehicle with a full fairing. The frame is the team’s first hybrid frame, made of a combination of carbon fiber structural tube members and 4130 steel tube structural members and joints. Deadliest Khach makes use of a fairing to improve its aerodynamic properties at higher speeds, making the vehicle a more viable choice for everyday transportation. This fairing is constructed from two layers of carbon fiber with strips of Lantor-Soric XF® reinforcements sandwiched in between. These reinforcements provide localized rigidity while keeping overall vehicle weight to a minimum. Deadliest Khach competed at the 2016-2017 ASME HPVC West E-Fest, where it helped bring home a total of six trophies – including first overall.