Mechanical Engineering

Composites Laboratory - Lab Safety

Working in the Composites Lab requires certain skills and knowledge of the manufacturing processes. There are safety protocols to be followed while dealing with particular materials and/or equipment. The Keck Composites Lab periodically conducts a Composites Training and Safety Workshop to impart basic knowledge of manufacturing and the safety features of the lab. Individuals interested in working in the composites lab should sign-up for the workshop should contact Dr. Christoph Schaal. After successful completion of the workshop and respirator fit test, a safety quiz has to be passed to obtain a certificate of completion.

Note: The use of major equipment like the autoclave requires the supervision through a trained faculty supervisor or technician.

Lab Rules

Emergency Procedures

A collection of Product Data Sheets (PDS) for materials commonly used in the lab

A collection of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for materials commonly used in the lab