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EM Degree Requirements

The following unit requirements are necessary for the B.S. in engineering management:

General Education (27 units)

Engineering Management majors have modified General Education programs depending upon the year and enrollment status as a college student. Returning and transfer students should consult an advisor before planning their General Education programs.

In addition to the required major program courses, Engineering Management majors must satisfactorily complete General Education Plan R requirements in Analytical Reading and Expository Writing (3 units), Oral Communication (3 units), U.S. History and Local Government (6 units), Arts and Humanities (6 units), Social Sciences (3 units), and Comparative Cultural Studies (6 units). Six of the General Education Plan R units must be at the Upper-Division.

Students should carefully consult their four-year plan and confer with their faculty advisor when selecting their General Education Plan R courses

Lower Division Required Courses (44 units)

Freshman Year

ClassDescriptionUnitsPrerequisites and Corequisites (in parentheses)
CHEM 101/LGeneral Chemistry and Lab4/1Placement test
MATH 150ACalculus I5Placement test
MATH 150BCalculus II5MATH 150A
PHYS 220A/LMechanics and Lab3/1MATH 150A
MSE 101/LIntroduction to Engineering and Lab1/1Instructor consent

Sophomore Year

ClassDescriptionUnitsPrerequisites and Corequisites (in parentheses)
MATH 250Calculus III3MATH 150B
MATH 280Applied Differential Equations3MATH 150B (MATH 250)
PHYS 220B/LElectricity and Magnetism and Lab3/1PHYS 220A/L (MATH 250)
MSE 227/LEngineering Materials and Lab3/1MATH 150A (CHEM 101/L, PHYS 220A/L)
MSE 248/LEngineering CAD Graphics and Lab2/1MATH 250
CE 240Engineering Statics3PHYS 220A/L (MATH 150B)
ECE 240EE Fundamentals3PHYS 220B/L, MATH 250 (MATH 280)
ME 286ME Design Programming2/1PHYS 220A/L

Upper Division Required Courses (37 units)

Junior Year

ClassDescriptionUnitsPrerequisites and Corequisites (in parentheses)
MSE 304Engineering Economic Analysis3MATH 150, Lower Division Writing Requirement
MSE 362Engineering Statistical Applications3MATH 250
MSE 401Introduction to Engineering and Technology Management3MSE 304, MSE 362
MSE 402Engineering Project Management3MSE 362
MSE 406Engineering Cost Analysis3MSE 304
MSE 407Manufacturing Systems3MSE 248/L

Senior Year

ClassDescriptionUnitsPrerequisites and Corequisites (in parentheses)
MSE 403CSFacilities Planning and Design3MSE 248/L
MSE 410/LProduction Systems Modeling and Lab2/1MSE 248/L
MSE 415 OR MSE 420Product Design OR Product Innovation and Technical Entrepreneurship for Engineers3/3MSE 227/L & MSE 248/L OR MSE 304
MSE 488A*MSEM Senior Design I2Completion of all major courses in years 1-3, passing Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam, and instructor consent
MSE 488BCSMSEM Senior Design II2MSE 488A

With Faculty Advisor Approval, Select Two Courses

ClassDescriptionUnitsPrerequisites and Corequisites (in parentheses)
AM 316Engineering Dynamics3CE 240, MATH 280
CE 340Strength of Materials3CE 240, MATH 280
ECE 320Theory of Digital Systems3MATH 150B
ME 370Thermodynamics3MATH 250, PHYS 220A/L
ME 375Heat Transfer3MATH 250, PHYS 220A/L

Upper Division Major Elective Course (12 units)

Electives Within the Major

MSE 409/LFundamentals of CAM and Lab2/1
MSE 412/LManufacturing Process and Lab2/1
MSE 504Engineering Management3
MSE 505Engineering Decision Analysis3
MSE 507Lean Manufacturing Systems3
MSE 508/LCAD/CAM Systems and Lab2/1
MSE 509Computer-Aided Manufacturing Systems3
MSE 511/LRobotics with Applications and Lab2/1
MSE 512Fundamentals of MEMS Fabrication3
MSE 513NDE Methods and Analysis3
MSE 514Reliability and Maintainability3
MSE 516/LCAD/CAM Advanced Tools Applications & Lab2/1
MSE 517/LCAD/CAM Advanced Applications and Lab2/1
MSE 527/LMechanical Behavior of Materials and Lab2/1
MSE 528/LPrinciples of Materials Engineering2/1
MSE 531Corrosion3
MSE 536Introduction to Advanced Biomaterials3
MSE 550Thin Film Technology3
MSE 556Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology3