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How not to sweat the small stuff when the problem is challenging

Saturday, November 13, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm


AIMS2 and the CSUN Lambda Beta Chapter of IEEE HKN invite you to a discussion with Dr. Cheryl Wang on 'How not to sweat the small stuff when
the problem is challenging'.

Cheryl Wang
Dr. Cheryl Wang Discussion

Dr. Cheryl Wang is an experienced healthcare provider and engineering research specialist. Dr. Wang owns her own agency where she does consulting work with nonprofit groups and some businesses. Her agency, Technology and Healthcare Solutions is well known internationally as a leading research center for deep technology and medical science. Dr. Wang is the lead researcher and primary consultant at the organization which also received grants from the NIH, DOD, NSF, and some small private companies and universities.

Dr. Wang did an undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing, a dual Master’s of Science in Healthcare Administration and Data Science, a degree in Emergency Practice, and has a doctorate in Engineering with a focus on Engineering Management.  She spent 30 years working with patients prior to achieving her own company. Dr. Wang enjoys mentoring students and talking about her time in various hospitals across the country. Dr. Wang’s research areas include data science, medical issues such as COVID 19, telemedicine, biometrics, deep learning technologies, and Big Data, AI, and computer engineering issues . She is a Senior Member of IEEE.